Friday, June 5, 2009

More French Open Updates and some previous posts.

Just a very quick update:

Women's Singles Quarter Finals result:

Safina won against Cibulkova
Kuznetsova won against Stosur

Finals: Safina vs. Kuznetsova
Rooting for: SAFINA

Men's Singles Quarter finals later:

Soderling vs. Gonzalez
Federer vs. Del Potro

Rooting for: SODERLING and FEDERER

I am still not feeling very well today and my eyes could not take being in front of my laptop screen for a very long time so I would be posting some of my favorite entries here, check them out if you haven't already and please feel free to drop in a comment or two.


There, my past entries that I enjoyed sharing here. Now, to take some meds, some rest while lying down and listening to music and to decide whether or not to go out later tonight. A lot of cons and only one pro but that one pro is a heavy one.

Unpredictable weather
I live in a gated subdivision and when it rain, it is absolutely difficult to go out and queue for a cab
Heavy traffic, flood and budgeted budget and basically the top 1 reason why I don't want to go out is because

 This get together is for my friend who's going back to the US next week.

Argh!! I really should get some rest now. I'll think about this later. So far, it's sunny and hot outside that means the only 2 things that are making this hard for is the fact that I am sick and that I have only so much money left to spend for this kind of thing (I already alloted less than P1,000 for this event).

3 comments on "More French Open Updates and some previous posts."

prettyfirefly on June 5, 2009 at 9:31 PM said...

Hey There! You must be an avid fan of this sport.
I've added your blog on my"Certified QUEEN of Blogs" blogroll.
Hope you would add me on your blogroll as well.
Please check for updates and for
instructions on how to become a "Certified QUEEN of Blogs" awardee.
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cornyman on June 7, 2009 at 12:27 PM said...

Hello Mara,

wow, you are very exited about Tennis these days ;-)

I had the same feelings for this sport about 15 - 25 years ago. In this time there we had in Germany some of the "Super stars" playing in the Top. Perhaps you remember Boris Becker, Steffi Graf (now married with Andre Agassi), Michael Stich and Anke Huber.

I know that i watched at this time the matches in Wimbledon, US Open and French Open.
One of the matches between Boris Becker and Ivan Lendl took longer than 6 hours (too many tie breaks).

But at this time it was worth watching these games, i was just 8 ;-)

Good luck for your favorite Mr. Federer!

Tellie on June 10, 2009 at 11:51 AM said...

I'm always rooting for federer not sure why,I guess I just like the guy. I'm not much of a tennis watcher, though. Hope you are feeling better soon!!

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