Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rainy Sunday and another Crazy Dream.

I mentioned earlier that I will be taking my blog hopping and EC dropping a little lightly and while doing so, I would spend my time watching Boys Over Flowers (also known as Boys Before Flowers). That was last Friday and earlier this afternoon I was able to finish the entire Koreanovela! I spent about 2 nights staying up late until 5 A.M. just so I could finish it and I tried pulling an all-nighter like what I did to 3 other Korean Series (My Girl, Princess Hours and Lovers) but I couldn't anymore. I thought I could make it last night, I was able to stay up again until 5 A.M. with only 4 episodes left and it was starting to get "good".  As much as I like to watch until the end, my eyes gave up one me. I finally succumbed to dreamland and yes, I had another dream. Crazy, sweet, weird dream.

This is my huge crush in the said series, Lee Min Ho (Gu Jun Pyo):

Normally, I am expecting him to be the one in my dreams if ever I would have one. But no. This guy invaded my sweet dream as soon as I closed my eyes. And it was one of those dreams that looks and feels real. You know that feeling that even though you have a beautiful dream you still know that you are just dreaming? And the feeling where you're not conscious at all that you are only dreaming? I experienced the latter as with all the beautiful dreams I have had.
Another one of the characters in BOF, Kim Bum (So Yi Jung):

Who do you guys think is the cutest? I personally go for Lee Min Ho. He's more my type but I also like Kim Bum. This is the first time that I actually have a crush on some Korean actor/s. I feel like a high school student with a woozy feeling. Haha! Oh my dream was so sweet I wish it was true!! That's all I could share or else you guys will think I'm a lovesick teenager.

I dreamt of him until 2:30PM. Yes, I slept in until that late. Sorry!! I feel like a total bum typing this down. Anyway, I woke up and finished the rest of the episodes and finished about 5PM, went down and realized it was raining. I had coffee and started seeking job openings again. Please let me have a job before this year ends. My deadline keeps moving, first it was February then before my birthday and now that that it looks like there's a bleak chance that I won't be getting that lucky this month, I am moving my deadline up to December. Please!! I seriously need it!

Speaking of my birthday, exactly 2 weeks from now I would be turning another year older. I already started making my traditional birthday wish list album and I would share it with you guys one of these days. I accept shipment and I am very very appreciative, don't worry. LOL. :) My list is merely a guideline just to give you an idea. I'm half-kidding!

photos from:

*The first photo of Lee Min Ho is my current desktop image. :x

6 comments on "Rainy Sunday and another Crazy Dream."

Maria@Conversations with Moms on June 14, 2009 at 11:39 PM said...

Your dreams are as entertaining as movies.

Vera on June 15, 2009 at 3:24 AM said...

Di na nga ako nakakapanood eh. Like ko na rin si Jun Pyo, nung una ayaw ko eh. hehe :)

Bill on June 15, 2009 at 10:27 AM said...

Hmmm you really like him right Mara LOL.

Mara on June 15, 2009 at 1:23 PM said...

MARIA: I get crazy dreams from time to time. :)

VERA: Actually kaya lang ako nagstart manuod dahil kay Jun Pyo. Sobrang gwapo!! Nuod ka nalang online. or sa YouTube mas kompleto and madali. :)

BILL: Ooooh I do Bill!! :)

Marites on June 16, 2009 at 4:21 PM said...

:d it's fun to see BOF fans around the blogosphere. I'm not so into Koreanovela but i stumbled on BOF accidentally and decided to finish it thru youtube and mysuju and i had a blast. I like Kim Hyun Joong more than Lee Min Ho. Hey, you might like to check out the We Got Married korean reality is a blast to watch.

Mara on June 16, 2009 at 4:45 PM said...

MARITES: Me too. I don't go gaga over Koreanovelas but this one drove me to the edge! I have Lee Min Ho as my desktop wallpaper in my laptop and even my cellphone and I've downloaded the 2 soundtrack CD's. LOL.

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