Sunday, July 15, 2012

Welcome me on Nothing Charming!


Hi and hello to everyone who has been visiting this blog even with the lack of updates recently. Thank you for being so patient and still dropping cards on here. I appreciate it.

I would like to inform you all that I have combined Mara's Personal Bubble and this blog, Mara's Appetite to WordPress with my own domain. I know. It has been long overdue and I have been planning about it since last year. I finally pushed through with the move and the domain earlier this year and now it's ready!

I am so excited although I still have to make some changes and modifications on my old posts from my 2 old blogs to the new one. You know, make it more SEO-friendly and hopefully it will do good (and even better) like this blog.

I hope you still support me on my new and (still working on it) improved blog.
Please welcome me and change all the links on your blog roll to: Nothing Charming

See you all there!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Return What You Borrow

Life Lesson # 1. It's simple really... when you borrow something, return it after use. 

It may be "just" a book, "just" a CD, "just" a shirt, or heck even "just" a pen but it's good manners and basically "just" overall polite to return something that you've borrowed because it may be "just" just to you, but it may not be "just" just to the owner. (note the "" on every just word)

I'm saying this based on experience and because I was going through my things and I am missing some books, DVDs (all original, thank you), and clothing. I don't know if those who borrowed from me just forgot to return it, they lost it, or they just don't want to return it anymore. I'm not mad. Just saying.

In case you're one of those "I was really planning to return it but I just keep on forgetting" type, life lesson #1 applies to generally everything that has something to do with borrowing. Borrowing means it belongs to someone else hence, you should return it. 

I'll say it again, whatever it is you borrowed, have the courtesy to return it to who lent it to you. No matter how long it has been already. Oh please, especially if s/he is not your close friend. That would be embarrassing. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My first 2012 blog post

As usual, I wasn't able to update my blog for months again. I know I said I'll try and update at least every week but then I had several work loads, deadlines, and interviews and I just couldn't make time. I'm grateful about all the work I'm getting though. SUPER DUPER GRATEFUL. :)

Anyway, just dropping to update and keep a list of what's been up for the past weeks/months.

  • Late 2011 has been crazy, fun, and crazy fun. 
  • 2012 started off really great, work-wise. I've been doing several trials, interviews, and new clients.
  • I know spend less time drinking out, and more time staying home working (if that's even possible, given the amount of time I spend working ever since)
  • Been cutting off people on my "friends" list because I feel I'm much closer to those I rarely see and haven't even met, than those I've actually been friends with for some time.
  • I met a lot of new friends on Twitter which I'm so happy about. Thanks to tennis and my love, Roger Federer. (MY TWITTER) I had to set my tweets on private though because some people who are not even following me are bashing me.
  • I'm reviving my Tumblr account. You can check it out and follow me there too. (MY TUMBLR) It's mostly Roger Federer and tennis-related posts but I'm working on mixing it up with my other favorite things.
  • I'm catching up with my favorite TV series.
  • I miss Chuck.
  • I'm active on the Roger Federer Fans forum. If you are a fan, join us there too!
  • Been interested reading about US Immigration law recently. Not like I'm planning on migrating, but..... yeah. Check this lawyer out: Immigration and Employment Law Blog
  • Currently enjoying making photo collage. Here's my first work: (of course it had to be him <3)
  • I have my eyes and mind set on making a purchase this year. I've been praying and praying and praying. I believe.


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