Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Movies.

What is with new year that most people enjoy making different kinds of lists for the year that was and the year that will be? Blessings received, resolutions, things to do, things to accomplish, etc. I won't judge because I like making lists myself. I even enjoy making lists for things to do in a day to day basis. I'm crazy.
So anyway, this post is dedicated to all movie buffs out there who are making lists of movies to look forward to for this year. Here's my very own list and please feel free to leave a comment in case I forgot any:

1. Sex and the City 2: May 2010 showing. I cannot wait! I even set a date already with my sis right after I read online about the worldwide screening date! ;)

2. Iron Man 2: May 2010 showing--am I right? I have seen the trailer on YouTube and it looks good!

3. Shutter Island: February 2010 showing. This one looks like my kind of movie, something that will keep me guessing, thinking about the twist. I like!

4. Alice in Wonderland: March 2010 showing. Johnny Depp is an exceptional actor and one of my favorites! I won't miss this one.

5. Twilight Saga Eclipse: June 2010 showing. I am not sure why I am looking forward to this one except for wanting to see Edward. What I'm sure about is that there will be a sea of people watching and cheering for Team Jacob or Team Edward and I'm sure it will disappoint me.

6. Legion: January 2010 showing. Other than psych thriller/mystery, I'm also into end-of-the-world kind of movies and I've seen the trailer of this one and it looks promising.

7. Valentine's Day: February 2010 showing. An all-star cast, a funny trailer and a date-less valentine's day would surely make me watch this one! Haha! Seriously.
8. Killers: June 2010 showing. I'm going for being a chic this year and watch chick-flick more often and so far, Katherine Heigl's movies are all fairly good except this particular movie is not as cheeky as the previous ones.

9. The A-Team: June 2010 showing. After The Hangover, I developed a huge crush on Bradley Cooper (but I didn't like All About Steve considering the I love Sandra Bullock). Hopefully this one won't disappoint me.

10. Knight and Day: July 2010 showing. I have always been a Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise fan so I'll give this one a go.

11. Life As We Know It: December 2010 release date but since it's December I think it's either gonna be shown here earlier or later to give way to Metro Manila Filmfest. Anyway, this is another Katherine Heigl movie with Josh Duhamel. :)

So, any more movies I forgot? How about you? What are the movies you look forward to this year? :)

Oh, my movie agenda this week include:

1. Alvin and the Chipmunks
2. Sherlock Holmes


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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!

A very, very, very happy birthday to my mother dearest!! Today, she turns 46. Hooray!
Please don't tell me she looks young, etc. etc. I have heard all of that before! Haha!

I miss you Mommy!!! Hopefully you'll be back home on my 23rd birthday or for Christmas 2010. Please! And don't forget my pasalubongs (yes, with an S, it's plural), just take your pick from my list. Hehe! I love you! Have a mega fun day today there with Dan, Hannah and Dad. :)

My Mom a year or two ago.

Mommy's birthday cake from my niece and nephew. Her grandchildren from my cousin, her niece. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wanted: Katrina Grace Lozano

Dinner at Dencio's Metrowalk
L-R: Ferron, Mimo, JM, Me, Zano, Abs and Apol

Our last (and first for 2010) dinner with our LA-based friend, Zano (in white). Can't wait for her holiday this year! :) Too bad we weren't able to push through with our Tagaytay plan and all other plans for her 2009 vacation. Hopefully, 2010 will be a much fun one for all of us. We miss you Zanotot! We didn't get to see each other before your flight back there and you didn't say bye to Apol. Haha! Don't forget Mommy's "package". Love u!! Thanks for all the meal treat! Btw, I will post pics of my shoes soon!

I hope Jesa gets to read this, hello, we miss you too!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Top 10 Blogs & Websites That Rocked my 2009: Happy 2010!!

Please don't tell me I'm late cos I know and I'm sorry... again! The last 2 months of 2009 has been a lot busier for me what with my job and all. The last 2 months practically made up for my depression during the first 10 months but let's not dwell on that anymore because this is the second day of the new year, the year 2010!

I'm telling you, so far it has been a great start of the year for me not to mention the chipped tooth I got last Christmas and a stye on New Year's Eve. Yikes. But anyway back to my happy day: I received my paycheck earlier than usual, I won a free meal in one of my most favorite places to eat, I did my first step in trying out "new things" (you know, the ones I haven't tried before but wouldn't harm me if I do), and I have a really good feeling 2010 will rock for me!

Since we're in the line of rocking, I would like to post THE TOP 10 BLOGS/WEBSITES THAT ROCKED MY 2009. Uh-huh, uh-huh! The list will include the blogs that I enjoyed reading, commenting on, lurked around, and basically made friends with the blog owners themselves and the websites that are always open on my tabs up until the 31st of December year 2009.

I hope you enjoy my list and thank you for keeping me and the rest of the online world happy and entertained! :)


1. Home Buddies
Home Buddies

The blogger, Fedhz, has been my friend for about a year now more or less if I'm not mistaken. Her blog contents are pretty much like mine: random. But her randoms are more on the Mommy, housekeeper, blogger, multi-tasker side while my randoms are... well too random. Fedhz' entries which talks about her real life are inspiring!

2. Conversations with Moms

ConversationsWithMoms:Every day Conversations with a Mom Blog

This blog introduced me to the world of motherhood. Mommy Maria talks about her kids in a way that makes me dream about being a Mom myself and I want a son as smart as Jeffrey too. Her kids are so adorable! Conversations with Moms are not just about being a Mommy, there's also a bit of a humor here and there, some frustrations with day to day life, etc. Believe me, I am nowhere near being a Mom but visiting and reading Mommy Maria's blog got my interest.

3. Facebook

After 2 blog sites I am including a social networking site on the list. What? Facebook completes me! Haha! I'm kidding...not! Well, you know what I mean if you're "hooked" with it like I am. I can't go on a day without checking my Facebook account except when I'm out of town or out for the day which I still find the time to check using my BlackBerry at least once. There's just something addicting about getting updates from your friends which most of them you don't get to see as often or those who are already abroad and with families. Facebook connects people. :) (I believe that tagline is from Nokia--connecting people.)

4. Mariuca

Wishing on a Falling Star

Mariuca has several other blogs but this particular blog I like more because it's much more random and I like visiting blogs which makes talking about random things their niche. Does that even make sense? Mariuca gets a lot of visitors and commenters everyday but she finds time to reply and visit you back which is pretty nice of her.

5. Twitter

I created an account just late August and I think I'm near a thousand tweets already as we speak. I'm not that much of an addict though cos I also feed my 2 blogs there and from August until November I have been posting almost everyday plus for the past months I've only been using my BlackBerry via UberTwitter to tweet. But yes, it is addicting. Hi, I'm Mara and I'm a #TWADDICT. (See?)

6. Basically Becky

The first time I happen to stumble upon Becky's blog I read through almost all her entries and read her story and I was deeply moved that I actually sent her an e-mail. Her story is really something but when you visit her blog you can feel and almost see her positivity and happy outlook in life. She talks about personal things, random musings, etc. She's a really good person.

7. Blogger

Hello! Like I would exclude my blog platform which helped me earn a little something something throughout 2009! You rock, Blogger!

Sandy, the blog owner, talks about her life in remission from cancer. I only discovered her blog sometime last year and by then she was already talking about her remission and her miracle baby. Like Becky, Sandy's blog has something to share, there are lessons we could learn and realizations to discover.

9. Travelin' thru Life with Marie

Travelin' With Marie

Even though it was not until mid 2009 that I first visited Travelin' it was always an enjoyable read when I'm on her blog. Just recently she held a contest and I sponsored. I planned on participating too but after I sent my pledged prizes I became too busy to go about all the blogs, the instructions, etc. Her blog is friendly and so is she. :)

With several blog awards that I received last year, Ate Bambie rocked the last quarter of 2009 for me with all the awards she has shared. She's friendly, sweet and although she updates her blog once in a while or with daily quick posts, you'll see she really has ideas and opinions that she wants to share with everyone.

I'm about to go for Top 20 cos there's still several other blogs and websites I have in mind but my stye is like throbbing already and I should probably get some eye-shut. I will continue with the list...........



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