Thursday, July 30, 2009

Try and try and try and try again.

Good news and bad news.

Good news:

I got the result of my application right after my initial interview. Less time worrying whether or not I qualify for the second interview.

Bad news:

I didn't make it. Together with the 5 other applicants that I was with. It was pretty cool though cos I was the second oldest in the group. We were 7. Only 2 qualified for the second interview. And they both applied for part-time positions only. So I guess that's why.

*Sigh* I guess I'll just have to try and try and try again. I really hoped this was it. 

On another note, I would like to thank everyone especially Ate Bingkee and Eric for their  suggestions. I guess I would go for Blogger in the meantime and then later on buy/transfer (what's the right term?) my own domain/hosting stuff when my new blog is all settled. Good idea? Right now, I think I'm all for Blogger or TypePad. They suit my techie knowledge. LOL. :)

August is just around the corner and I still have to search for someone who can make me a badge and/or theme for free, link and ad space will be available in return. Hmmm. Some articles for my new blog are already saved in my documents. I just have to put up the blog site. Badge, layout, and then finally create the blog itself. I'm almost ready to fly.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Own Wordless Wednesday :)


This entry is different from the Wordless Wednesday Meme that we have here in the blogosphere. This is my OWN WORDLESS WEDNESDAY because some unexpected things happened that literally left me wordless/speechless from happiness and sincere appreciation.

MOWW Part 1:

To start, I would like to post my overdue blog award that I received from Anya of Kutsara at Tinidor and Riel of This is so me some weeks ago. I felt good when I came home from the hospital and saw that I was given this award. Thank you Anya! I love your blog, too. It makes me hungry all the time. LOL. :) Thank you Riel!!

The rules for these awards are:

1) To accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.

2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve discovered and think are great! Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

And now, I am passing these awards to:
1. Fedhz of Home Buddies
2. Mommy Maria of Conversations with Moms
3. Ate Bingkee of I Love-Hate America
4. Ate Pehpot of Make or Break
5. Grandy of Functional Schmunctional

Sorry I am stuck with only 5, maybe I'll pass it on to the remaining 10 SOON.

MOWW Part 2:

Funny how when you don't need something and it pops out of nowhere. I found a 500 peso bill ($10-12) in the inside pocket of my handbag. Just in time for me to have my nails done and remove my red nail polish for my job interview tomorrow. I am so excited. I hope this is it. Please let this be it! Please!

MOWW Part 3:

A very, very amazingly unbelievable thing happened while I was checking my blog for comments to approve. Someone offered to help me out a little by sending an amount to my PayPal. I didn't expect anyone to do such a thing for me. Never. Especially since we don't know each other personally here. Money is a different matter when it comes to things like this that's why I am so grateful to Doug for being so kind as to send me money, as I said, whether huge or small amount I don't care, I will still be thanking you. And I promise to give it back to you as soon as I can. Promise! Thank you! Thank you!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blogger, TypePad, WordPress?

I am still stuck thinking where to sign up for my new blog. I was browsing through TypePad and Wordpress a while ago and I learned that TypePad has a monthly fee although they do offer a 14-day free trial and WordPress doesn't support monetizing your blog. Now, Blogger is winning over the others since I already have one blog signed up under it it would be a lot easier and convenient if I just create a new one. What do you think?

Or let me know if I just misunderstood things with TypePad and WordPress. I'm serious. I will be starting another blog. Funny that I postponed my initial subject of "movies, tv, music" into a food photo blog. This is final. :) I want to know by tomorrow and sign-up within this week so that my new blog will be up and running by first week of August. I am still open to messages from anyone who would want to help me with my button/badge and blog layout.

Thank you!

Monday, July 27, 2009


7 comments exactly what I'm feeling right now.

F My Life.

I don't mean to sound bitter or anti-life or anything like that. I just need to vent out a little. I feel stressed out. I had a hard time falling asleep last night and when I woke up this morning, the first message I read on my cellphone is from my service provider informing me that they temporarily disconnected my outgoing calls and messages due to my overdue balance, and then I realized that I owe someone a little too much of an amount and to top it all, I still haven't heard from any company that I have applied in for the past couple of weeks. Seriously. I need a job! 

There's no food in the pantry.
No food in the refrigerator.
We pay bills a day or two late (which never happened before).
My phone line's cut.
We buy things (literally every thing) individually.
We haven't shopped for food or clothes in a while and I only have a week's supply of wearable underwear and clothes.
I am admitting that I am ZERO.
I can't breathe.

I didn't do good in my online "work" either since I was sick for more than a week and I've gone MIA and I need to rest. Oh please. I need my earnings from CIAO. I need to reach payout in myLot. I need to reach payout in Adgitize. I need to receive my CashOut from Adgitize. I need to sell some old stuff. I need to have a job. I need MONEY.
I am being honest here and I'm sorry if this post seems too materialistic. This is just reality. I am not asking for too much. All I want is enough money to pay the bills, buy food, pay my little debt and have a little extra breathing amount on the side.

Work. Breathe. Money. Breathe. Bills. Breathe. Live. Breathe.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009



"All suffering is caused by being in the wrong place..

if you're unhappy where you are...


This one hits home. I just don't know how to start. I know I shouldn't be stressing myself about this but I just can't help thinking about the guy and my life in general.

Okay, I'm out.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am still hung over from my hospital admission.

I cannot believe that it's been a week since my being admitted to the hospital. Man, time flies! I was admitted to the hospital last Tuesday and today's Tuesday again. Wow.

I would like to thank everyone who continued to drop by and leave comments even with the lack of my presence and new posts here. Thank you also to those who left me comments and messages and the well wishers while I was out sick:


I am feeling a lot better already and for those who are thinking that I'm spending way too much time online again or that I have been blogging from the hospital bed, I am not and I was not. I have been MIA here during my stay at the hospital. My laptop is just at home. I only got to blog again when I got back home last Saturday and I did that just to let every one know that I am back and feeling okay. I also haven't been staying online for long. I just do my usual routine for about 2 or 3 hours and then I'm off again. I know I need to rest and I shouldn't push things too hard. So don't worry Ate Bingkee, if you read my post I said that I am back home and that I haven't been posting since I got sick and that means I wasn't blogging from the hospital bed. :) I am resting and not stressing myself out (or at least I try not to). :) Thank you for all the concern and messages. I love you all!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Hospital food is blah.

Or bland. Or tasteless. Or no flavor. Whichever you prefer. Hospital food tastes like... nothing. I had to "suffer" eating flavorless food from the hospital for 5 days and 4 nights. I felt like I was going to be sicker. 

Here are a few photos of the food that I had during my stay at the hospital:

I was only served either Beef or Pork because I was on a Hypoallergenic Diet. That was the first time I heard of such a thing. I have 5 meals per day: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. The only food that I actually enjoyed eating was my second day breakfast (the second picture), Beef Tapa. It was a little sweet, a hint of taste...finally! The rest of the food was just okay. Well, what do I expect. It's not like I'm having room service at a hotel, right? LOL. I think another factor that added up to my Hypoallergenic Diet was the fact that I have a family background of Diabetes too. Thanks Dad! It's okay, I don't have it... yet. 

I still have a lot of food photos from the hospital. I took a shot at every meal I had and it's too many to post here. My blog would be covered with hospital food and it's not even palatable. Tsk. So I'll only post 4 here. They all look the same anyway. Blech!

Now that I'm back home I get to eat normal flavorful food. Yum!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I am back from the hospital.

Hello again guys!

I am so terribly sorry I haven't updated for ages (well, at least that's how it feels like to me). My last post was about me feeling sick and all and I was planning to go to our doctor for a checkup and I did which was why I had gone missing virtually for about 5 days or so. My intended checkup became an admission to the hospital, The Medical City, because of asthma and pneumonia. My doctor didn't let me go home. I was so scared and I almost cried because I was there alone. I had no one with me. And it was my first time to get admitted without my parents beside me. I am scared of needles! And I need someone to hold my hand whenever they had to test my blood or put the dextrose in. I had no one. I immediately called up my Mom who is in LA and woke her up just to tell her that I will get admitted and that our doctor wanted to talk to her to explain my "condition". Well, she agreed.

I got admitted late in the afternoon. There was a crowd in the Emergency Room. A lot of patients complaining about different kinds of illnesses. I was made to wait in the Observatory Room (or something like that) while waiting for a room to go available. I tell you, it was like I was in a hotel in its peak season! Every room was "fully-occupied"! There were 8 patients inside the room including me and then a lot more waiting outside the hall on their wheelchairs. That was how many patients there were. So anyway, my cousin arrived just in time for my dextrose insertion.

Okay, there it is. I had one "tube" but there's actually another one inserted. One dextrose and antibiotic. I honestly felt my heart stopped beating for a millisecond when the nurse inserted it. Seriously. I AM that scared of needles.

I got a room at around 10PM already. Yes, I waited for more than 4 hours. This photo above was taken the next morning by my friend, Anna who visited me along with her boyfriend Ace and my other good friend was also there. I am not sure but I look thinner than usual in this photo plus my hair look shorter too.

I was admitted because of pneumonia and asthma by the way. My doctor said she had to admit me to prevent it from progressing plus they had to swab me for H1N1 too just in case. Don't worry, I tested NEGATIVE. I knew it. She said it was just for precaution. So for 2 nights I stayed in isolation and then I transferred after they got the result of the swab.

Thank you for the well wishes and the continued visit in my blog. Rest assured I will be catching up since I'm on house arrest for at least a week. :D

I will be posting and talking about hospital food tomorrow. I have to cut this entry into 2 0r 3 parts cos it's too long. 


Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Sick.


Hi guys,

Sorry I am not able to drop by your blogs, leave comments/messages and for not updating my blog. I am still here. I didn't vanish into thin air or anything like that. I have been sick since Saturday and I still am right now. I am just dropping by for a quick post to let you friends that I'm still alive and I'm sorry. My temp has been playing around 38.9-39.5, I have cough and colds and my eyes feel hot and my chest feels heavy. I might be going to the doctor tomorrow so I'll be catching up with all of you as soon as I get better.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

I woke up a little later than I set my mind to last night. I was supposed to accompany a friend in his job hunt-slash-application earlier. We planned to drop by in all 4 5-star hotels in the area and we ended up going to coffee shops (i.e., Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Seattle's Best). Later on that though.

After I woke up, I immediately texted my friend and he said he'll text me after he's done with his workout and then we'll go. No specific time. So I thought of getting ready ahead of time just in case. As I was getting dressed already, my nanny knocked on my bedroom door and handed me something:

My price from Jerri's contest last month finally arrived!! I was just thinking about it yesterday, wondering when it would get here and today it did. :)

I love it! The price was originally just the pendant but Jerri was sweet enough to include the chain as a birthday gift to me. THANK YOU!!!

Oh, this one's a booboo I got from a stapler. I don't who would've stapled my pants and now my thumb has a long line of scratch from it. Dang. It seriously stings.

There. Oh happy happy day. After I received the package, I waited a couple more hours for my friend's go signal. We almost cancelled but I don't know...  I guess we just have to go out of the house. Went to Starbucks and then had tea and pasta at Coffee Bean, strolled around, took a couple photos, stayed at Seattle's Best, had coffee, moved to Oody's, had dinner, had massage, dropped by the drugstore cos my friend started to not feel well, and then he drove me home. This "day" with my friend started at 4PM and ended at 10:30PM. I don't know why but I feel exhausted

I was supposed to still go out with another friend but our schedule didn't jive. Next time, next time.

Tomorrow's going to be another busy day. I have a lunch and dinner schedule with different group of friends. Plus, I will be submitting another application in another company too. This week has been a little busy for me. I feel so tired. Not to mention I started the week with lack of sleep. Followed by another one because I stayed up until almost 4AM watching Michael Jackson's Memorial. And then I had a drink with a friend in her house yesterday. Crazy week. Please let me have a job.

I will be seeing you guys again tomorrow... when I still have the energy to go online (which I'll try to preserve). Thank you for all the comments on my previous posts! I will be responding to them in a bit.

Goodnight guys! I will be doing some serious dropping tonight while waiting for the guy's call. :)


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Love Chowder!


Not the soup. The cartoon.

I am currently enjoying watching CHOWDER for a while now. He is super adorable and funny!

And I am laughing right now because it's on on Cartoon Network.

If you haven't seen any episode of Chowder yet, give it a try. I love watching cartoons and Chowder made it to the list of my favorites along side The Fairly Oddparents, Jimmy Neutron, South Park, Family Guy and Billy and Mandy. It's so funny. A bit different than all those kiddy cartoons, Chowder can be enjoyed by both kids and adults because of the characters and the humor.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Only Time Can Tell.


I'm done with one interview and on Wednesday, I will be submitting my CV to another company. I'm not sure how the first one went but my second option is more of my interest so I hope this time will be the last interview I will have because
 I will get the job! 

Speaking of time, last night before the Wimbledon Finals match I was browsing through the net looking for new watches for Christmas (or for my birthday next year). My first choice in mind was a Philip Stein and Toy Watch watch. But then I saw my long-time "wanted" watch:

Tag Heuer 2000 Aquaracer Ladies Watch

I have been eyeing this one since it came out last year? 2 years ago? Yeah, that long. I have always been a  watch type of girl. I cannot leave the house without one on my wrist, I feel naked. Although I love watches, it's the one thing that I cannot say I "collect" cos of the price. I do have a few. I have Guess watches, Swatch watches, Techno Marine watch, Fossil watches, Gucci watch and Anne Klein watch. My favorite is my Techno Marine. I promised myself that when I am able to afford to buy and spend on things other than my necessities, I am going to buy me a watch. Maybe I'll get this one. Wait for me!

Ain't she pretty?

Roger Federer is back to being World Number 1!

Woot woot! He did it! Roger Federer won the Wimbledon title against Andy Roddick and now he's back to World Number 1 in the rankings!

AFP PHOTO / ADRIAN DENNIS (Photo credit should read ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images)

The match was crazy! It was an epic! And I still cannot remove the smile off my face. It was one of those matches that I'd be so proud to say "Hey! I've watched that!" because it definitely is a record breaking Finals. I got tears on my eyes, I cannot stop clapping and cheering and I have this genuine smile that I cannot seem to wipe off.

It was a very long match between my two favorites with 5 sets, 5-7 7-6 7-6 3-6 16-14. Andy Roddick was AMAZING! If he wasn't playing against Roger he's definitely my bet. Remember, he's one of my favorites too. He improved A LOT! And I think he should get credit for it especially with the way he played earlier. He was good but not good enough to defeat Roger. Although I was feeling all glorious, I feel for Andy. It was obvious how he was holding back tears. Major effort! His time will come! Just keep playing the way he's playing now (or improve), he will definitely see his name on the wall with Sampras and Borg and all the other great tennis players.

Tonight is all about Roger Federer! And a little bit of Gavin Rossdale too. He was looking so hot in the box watching. I wonder where Gwen Stefani is. Anyway, I am off to bed now because I still have an interview to attend to in a few hours and I have to wait for the "guy's" call before I'll be able to go to "sleep". You know. He went out and I'm stuck at home which is also good cos I was able to watch the Finals. Oh what a happy happy night! 2:25 AM already here, the guy would probably call before 6 AM, interview schedule at 9 AM, I have to leave the house before 8 AM (Monday rush), eat breakfast, take a bath and get dressed, I obviously need to stretch the hourssssssssss! Looks like I'll be getting no sleep and would look like a zombie tomorrow. So much for an impression. I just have to impress them with my answers, I guess. LOL.

Thank you to Mommy Maria for wishing me luck for my interview!

I'll update you guys in the morning.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hopefully a great week ahead!

This weekend was the start of a great week ahead...hopefully!

It was not all that great but I'm speaking in general. Roddick and Federer are up on Wimbledon Finals, a very very dear friend of mine is back and we hung out, and the start of the week... I received a text message for my job interview for tomorrow, Monday. It was not the position I applied for but what the heck, I'd still give it a shot. It's just an interview and an exam I have got nothing to lose, right? Try and try. I need a job!

Please please please. Let it be this one. I need a steady source of income. 

And then, my goal for this month is $100 of earnings online. I need it. I will literally go bankrupt in 2 weeks time and it's not something that I am looking forward to.
Another problem that I want fixed is ADGITIZE. Is it just me? I want my click points. It's been days already.

Okay, Wimbledon's about to begin. Later!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wimbledon Finals!


Finally! Wimbledon Finals has come. On tonight is the Women's Championship: Serena Williams vs. Venus Williams. They are not exactly on my favorites list but I'd say I go for Serena.

What I am most excited about is tomorrow's Championship. My two favorites are playing against each other for the Wimbledon title: Roger Federer vs. Andy Roddick. Woot woot! How exciting is this? I was watching the Semis last night between Federer and Haas, it was pretty thrilling, Haas was playing good but not good enough to beat the number 2 seed. :) Too bad I was out during the Roddick and Murray match. I cannot wait for tomorrow's Finals! I will be glued to the tube for sure!


Serena Williams won against her sister Venus Williams! I knew it!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

JUNE Top Droppers.

As promised, here are my Top 10 Droppers for the month of June. I would like to thank everyone who made it to the list and everyone else who who didn't but made me feel their presence through comments, messages and drops (it's just too bad there's only top 10).

I also promised a small price, as my birthday blowout, for those who will make it to the Top 5 and I have already sent them while I am doing this post. Let me know when you receive them. :)

Dropper# of drops
Life With Roxxymetal31
Funky Town Disco Music31
Photography by KML30
I Love-Hate America30
Stunned By Stone29
Brick For Jade28

I hope to see you all again this month and all the coming months and I am looking forward to all your comments and messages!

Hugs and Kisses to everyone!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How fast the days go by...

June has ended. 

July is here. 

It's halfway through year 2009 already. 

Where did my 6 months go? 


I will be posting my Top Droppers within this week together with the prize of EC credits to the Top 5. :)

I'm currently watching Wimbledon. Federer is on and I'm waiting for Roddick's match. So far, so good! 


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