Sunday, November 30, 2008



My nails are. That is.

After weeks of having my nails "color-less", I gave in and have it painted again yesterday at Nail Spa. 

The shade of green is weird though. I think it's OPI nail polish-- Green-wich blah blah shade. 

Nice? Not? It's my first time to try this color on. I'm usually all red, beige, french tip or tan. I just got curious with this one, I was supposed to try yellow or blue. Haha!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde's Alumni Homecoming.

De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde Grand Alumni Homecoming
November 27, 2008
8PM-11PM (or so they said)
A.Venue Hall, Makati City

I looked forward to this night for weeks. I was excited to see old faces, specifically my ID 104 AKIC batchmates, professors and other familiar faces, that I dragged myself out of the house even though I still feel sick just to be able to see them. My effort went to waste. No luck. No people. Okay, there were honestly many people but nobody familiar except for several lower batch and batchmates from the same building. Mostly I think were from Main. There were only about 2 profs that I know who were in the event.

Plus, the "party" was almost ending. the invite said 8 PM onwards, free entrance and free drinks. My friend and I got there about 9:30 PM. Some who were there early said it started 6 PM, free entrance and 50 pesos for a beer. So much for being free.

In my disappointment, I just took several photos as a "remembrance" for that night.
I feel like my cheeks are so round now because of my Prednisone med. So much for steroids.
I've made up my mind not to go cos of my asthma but then Karen insisted she'd pick me up and we will just "drop by" to see people and A.Venue being less than 15 minutes away from where I live, I said "Okay." So, I just put on a black off-shoulder dress, slipped on my black flats and grabbed my bag. I didn't prepare. I got dressed in about 5 minutes. Haha!

Group Pic before going home. A little over 10PM. So early! They were the only friends I was with there. It could have been more fun if the at least 10 more people came. Of all the hundreds of ID 104 from AKIC Building, only 10 showed up (the other 2 left earlier that's why they were not in this photo). How great is that?

I hope the exclusive for SHRIM students would push through, it sounds more "fun" cos we would only see familiar faces.

I don't know, but something really was lacking the other night or maybe it's because I was "late", either way the homecoming should've been more pumped up by then and there would be programs and organizers and food and overflowing drinks. It was only 9:30 PM and most people were already outside smoking and doing their own thing. When we got inside, the stage was empty, the "bar" is charging for the beers and cocktails, no food, no program, no nothing.

Anyway, I'm still looking forward to "next time!".

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A handful of medicines!

As what I've posted yesterday, I went to the doctor for a check-up and since I'm seriously down with the weather these past couple of weeks, my doctor--Dra. Garcia prescribed 5 medicines for me to take every day for 2 weeks or so.

Since I'm still jobless and the finances here at home are  divided between me and my mom and I'm only getting my allowance from my Kuya (my older brother), I asked him to give me some moolah for me to buy my medicines. He said he couldn't give me anything until payday and because I terribly need to take my "drugs", I borrowed money from my mom and she bought me the meds a while ago.

above left-right: my Medical City cup with Fluimucil, my Flixotide nasal spray and my prescription.
lower left-right: Nastravox, Claricort, Prednisone and Fluimucil.

That's not even ALL of it. I mean, I'm supposed to have 21 Fluimucil, 2 Flixotide, 21 Nastravox, 28 Prednisone and 21 Claricort. I'm gonna buy 'em all when my Kuya gives me the money for it. This "incomplete" batch costs more than 2k already. Wow. I hate getting this sick.

I have another doctor's appointment next week for my Flu and Pneumonia vaccine shots.
I hate injections! My brother joked that the stretcher, ammonia and oxygen should be prepped already. Funny.

Wish me luck!


I know I'm sick and all but I couldn't take not to watch Twilight today. I could've gone some other day but today's much more okay to go out.

Besides, my mind was set to watch the special screening of Twilight later tonight but thanks to my very forgetful friend- and i say that with love- she forgot to get me tickets and she texted me yesterday that it's sold out already. I tried my best high school friends but they have their other set of friends already and most of my college friends are all M.I.A. That leaves me ALONE. I have no problem with it though. I'm kinda used to watching movies in the theaters alone anyway.

So, back to TWILIGHT-- I woke up at around 9:30 AM and left the house at quarter to 11 AM and arrived at Shang 11 AM something. I intended to leave home early just so I could buy a ticket for an earlier screening time. I've heard yesterday that most screening times are sold out already. Luckily, 1:15 PM, the first screening has still a number of seats available.

I passed the time at Starbuck's in 6th. The barista was kind enough to brew me a Basic Black tea since their available Iced Tea today is Passion. I really appreciated it that for the first time in a long time, I gave them a tip. :)

Anyway, there's my Grande Basic Black and my movie ticket. I'm such a loner.  I decided to go in early so I went to the Cinebar and bought myself a large Buy-the-bucket and I noticed that there were many high school students all lined up. Seriously, how come they are all out of school at 12:30 PM on a Wednesday? Another reason why I wanted to catch the movie in an earlier time is because I'm certain that there would be less "kids" cos it's a school day and it's school time. Guess I was wrong. 

I went inside the cinema quarter to 1 just in time for the movie trailers. I love watching movie trailers.

The second that the light were off and the "Summit" appeared on screen, the viewers (I'm pretty sure it was MOSTLY the younger viewers) started swooning and making "Ooohs" and "Aaahs". Don't ask how they reacted the first time Edward (Robert Pattinson) appeared. They were making funny sounds.

The movie was good. Really okay but it's nothing compared to the book. Not in my personal opinion. Although the book was not really that well-written, it's much more sweeter and my imagination was far better than the movie. At least I think.

Robert Pattinson wasn't the Edward that I pictured, so is Bella but they were okay. Nothing out of the ordinary, just okay.

There were a few "alterations". Some scenes that were shown was not really in the book and vice versa. Although in totality, the movie followed the book.

I'm not going to spoil it for everyone. Just go watch it! I know you will. :)

Can't wait for New Moon! I read it got the green light to start filming already sometime soon.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hello, Acute Asthma, Sore Throat & Allergic Rhinitis!

I haven't been posting again but it's not because my week was boring or something close to that, on the contrary last week went good especially the Friday-Sunday part. Good meaning I got out of the house plus I was in the gym Tuesday and Thursday. So, last week was not boring BUT it's a little bad cos I was and still am not feeling well. I started feeling a little down with the weather a week before the concert but it comes and goes so I didn't really pay it any mind until last week when it got worse. 

First, my allergic rhinitis is betraying me again.
Second, allergic rhinitis + clogged nose = headache.
Third, I'm having a hard time swallowing cos my throat hurts (for about 6 days now).
Fourth, chest pains = difficulty breathing.
And fifth, first to fourth combined I'm having a hard time talking/speaking for more than a minute straight.

All of that symptoms I have that I mentioned, I have been getting them for almost a month now that's why I decided to go the doctor earlier today just like what my Dad would've liked if he's still here.

After more than 2 hours of waiting for Dra. Garcia to arrive, here's what I got: a prescription for 5 freakin' meds that I need to take every single day after every single meal. Okay, make that 4 meds since the other one listed is my nasal spray. 
Sorry for the crappy pic. I don't really intend it for everyone to see every meds I got. Oh by the way, the fifth med is at the back of the prescription pad. :)

I think I'm gonna rest now cos even typing makes me catch my breath more than usual.
I hope this goes away soon!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Still can't get enough of RiRi and CB.

As promised, I got some photos of Chris Brown and Rihanna on stage. Chris Brown performed first and he started almost on time. :)

Forever. Still can't get enough of his dancing! Still can't get enough of him!

Unfaithful. I remember this cos of that elevated part. My friend Cathy and I were singing our hearts out with Rihanna singing this song. Hmmm. I wonder why. We're not Unfaithful naman. Haha!

The last song: Cinderella (Under the Umbrella). Sooooo good! And that kiss CB gave RiRi on her left shoulder was so sweet and sexy! Awwww!
I want a Chris Brown of my own!

These photos wouldn't be possible for me to post without the "consent" of my friend, Katrina Farinas-Favis. Told you I'd give you credit for this. :) Thanks sooo much!

Rihanna and Chris Brown After Concert Party.

Alchemy's entrance. If you look closely you'd see Janna's reflection and mine. She was the one who asked me to take a picture of this. She was like: "Babe oh! Picturan mo. Haha!" and I said: "Haha! Fine. Okay babe. Malakas ka sakin eh." We didn't pay the entrance fee thanks to Garv! Yey!
Excuse our outfits also cos this whole after concert party thing was just a last minute decision and because we were avoiding traffic and we want to be the first group in Alchemy to arrive, we headed straight from the concert in Taguig to Alchemy in Ortigas still wearing our concert outfits suited for the open field atmosphere.

After an hour of waiting, they finally arrived. This is my only lucky shot of the entire night. I have yet to wait for friends to upload and see if they have any decent pictures of CB and RiRi. That's Chris Brown by the way. Excuse my blurry shot of him. Everybody's just going crazy last night. Or should I say, early morning cos it's 2:30 AM when they entered.

Babes: Janna and Mara. Mine's the messed up stamp. It just says: Alchemy V.I.P.

Hello bottles of San Mig Light, cans of Sprite, glass of cherries and the hidden bottle of Absolut Kurant Vodka.

The girls: from left-right: Janna, Trina, Irene, Mara and Cathy.
I think this was around 4 AM or so and I just downed my 3rd glass of Kurant which I would say for the nth time, I won't drink Kurant ever again! That traitor.
Anyway, after an hour we went home already cos Janna, Cathy, and Poon (not in the picture) still has work at 9 AM. Hello, it's Monday.

Good Evening, Maniluhhh!! Rihanna and Chris Brown Concert.


Uh-huh, uh-huh! We were there last night at the Bonifacio Open Field in Taguig for the Rihanna and Chris Brown Back-to-Back Concert. 

In general, the concert was fun. Chris Brown and Rihanna both rocked the stage! I can now say based from first hand experience that they are good performers. They have had a lot of energy and their moves are just WOW. 

There was just two things that were not enjoyable last night. The first one was the super long line to get inside that led to an "almost" stampede and the concert started while we were still in line, I think we got in around after 2 songs. The second thing, most of us enjoyed Chris Brown better than Rihanna. Rihanna was good. Really really good but she sang several songs that most of the people just watched in silence and the songs wasn't even mellow unlike CB's songs that he performed! I don't know but maybe it's because CB drained our energy with all his upbeat songs plus that "almost" stampede incident. 

Overall it was a great night. Both were good performers. I love Rihanna ever since her Pon de Replay days until today's Rehab. Her songs are good and her voice is amazing, I can now add GREAT performer to that list. Chris Brown on the other hand, although I know almost all his songs and I enjoy listening to them I was not really a huge fan of his BUT after seeing him perform, I'm making a u-turn! Haha! He IS good.

I just feel bad I didn't get the chance to take a photo of them. Boohoo! I was hoping to get a picture taken during the after party but still with no luck.

Still, I had fun! I hope they come back here soon and then I'd buy front row seats (or stands since it's the open field). :)

My Nail Polish-less.


I think this is the first time this year that my nails don't have either Red, Beige, or Pink painted on it. I figured it's worth blogging about. Haha!

Of course, Mani and Pedi at Nail Spa in Shangri-La this time with Mommy. I just really need to have my nails trimmed already so Mommy and I settled for the Express service cos I'm also in a hurry to go home and get dressed for Rihanna and Chris Brown's concert later that day. We'll talk about that later. Oh, this happened yesterday by the way.

Thanks again to Nail Spa for my manicure and pedicure. They really know how to care for my nails (or maybe because I've been going there since.....years ago). Try 'em out and see for yourself why I don't let ANYONE do my nails. I only go to Nail Spa. They have several services available like Express Hands, Express Feet, Pamper Hands, Pamper Feet, etc etc. Their prices range to P195-P2,000.

You can visit them at the 5th floor of the Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyong City.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Abs!

left-right: Me, the birthday girl, Apple

Happy belated birthday Katrina Abalos!

After almost a month of not seeing each other, we met up in Pearl and had lunch at Cibo in Shang. Yummy yummy. 
The waiters were supposed to sing her a "Happy Birthday" song but they (Apple and Abs) were so killjoy so the waiter ended up just giving us Apple Pie as a complimentary. Too bad we were so full already so we didn't get to finish the whole pie.

Thanks for the treat Abs! :)

Wish we were complete.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change Has Come--America Has A New President!

My mom and I were just talking about the US election last night while we were having dinner. She asked me and my brother who our bet is, she and my brother are for McCain and I am for Obama.

I haven't really been following the campaigns since day 1 but I have been reading about it for more than a month now. Seeing famous celebrities campaign for their own candidates, reading about their "history" on politics, even on their personal lives, and watching 1 debate, I've come to the conclusion that OBAMA would most probably win as President of the U.S. 

He may be young compared to McCain who "has been a prisoner of war longer than Obama being a senator", but he really made focus on the changes that he plans and promised to do. I also think that celebrities campaigning for him has been a HUGE help in his being elected as they are encouraging more of the younger generation to go out and vote.

I am not exactly sure though how a new U.S President would DIRECTLY affect other countries' economy but I'm sure that if Obama could make the U.S get back to its feet after this worldwide crisis that they're saying, then in some way all of us in this third world part of the globe would feel the effect also.


In a funny way, my brother and I thought Palin would win because she has a bit more "exposure" than Biden but yeah, we were laughing at the idea cos even though she has more exposure than Biden it was all negative. Hahaha!


Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Ms. E!


Happy belated birthday to my "INAY", Ms. Eileen Espina. 

It was her birthday yesterday but I wasn't able to update my blog so, here goes.

We had lunch earlier today at Pancake House in Galleria, had tea at Starbucks right after and then did a little window shopping in Topshop, Zara, Steve Madden and Mercury Drugstore. Hahaha!

Happy happy birthday again, INAY!
I pray for your good health and that HK vacation that you so want and so need already. :)

*ps: Thank you for the lunch! We didn't have pictures today so I posted our photo from last year's lunch at HEAT.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I miss you Daddy!

I am missing my Daddy so much.

I just got home from the cemetery and the weather is so weird. I left the house cloudy and when I got to my Dad's place it was already sunny. As in the sun's up bright and it was effin hot!

There were flowers from Mayor and Chairman Abalos, roses via our "garden" at home and my 2 sisters brought some flower arrangements also. Candles were also lit. I think I saw about 6 when I arrived and there were 2 newly lit ones before my mom and I left.

I miss my Daddy sooooo much! I don't usually go to cemeteries cos there's really no one to visit except for my grandfather's in the province whom I haven't met and 1 cousin of mine in North Cemetery but well, last and this year and the years to come would be a little "something to look forward to" cos it's my Dad. Darn. I miss you Daddy!

missing her Daddy so much,

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