Saturday, November 29, 2008

De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde's Alumni Homecoming.

De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde Grand Alumni Homecoming
November 27, 2008
8PM-11PM (or so they said)
A.Venue Hall, Makati City

I looked forward to this night for weeks. I was excited to see old faces, specifically my ID 104 AKIC batchmates, professors and other familiar faces, that I dragged myself out of the house even though I still feel sick just to be able to see them. My effort went to waste. No luck. No people. Okay, there were honestly many people but nobody familiar except for several lower batch and batchmates from the same building. Mostly I think were from Main. There were only about 2 profs that I know who were in the event.

Plus, the "party" was almost ending. the invite said 8 PM onwards, free entrance and free drinks. My friend and I got there about 9:30 PM. Some who were there early said it started 6 PM, free entrance and 50 pesos for a beer. So much for being free.

In my disappointment, I just took several photos as a "remembrance" for that night.
I feel like my cheeks are so round now because of my Prednisone med. So much for steroids.
I've made up my mind not to go cos of my asthma but then Karen insisted she'd pick me up and we will just "drop by" to see people and A.Venue being less than 15 minutes away from where I live, I said "Okay." So, I just put on a black off-shoulder dress, slipped on my black flats and grabbed my bag. I didn't prepare. I got dressed in about 5 minutes. Haha!

Group Pic before going home. A little over 10PM. So early! They were the only friends I was with there. It could have been more fun if the at least 10 more people came. Of all the hundreds of ID 104 from AKIC Building, only 10 showed up (the other 2 left earlier that's why they were not in this photo). How great is that?

I hope the exclusive for SHRIM students would push through, it sounds more "fun" cos we would only see familiar faces.

I don't know, but something really was lacking the other night or maybe it's because I was "late", either way the homecoming should've been more pumped up by then and there would be programs and organizers and food and overflowing drinks. It was only 9:30 PM and most people were already outside smoking and doing their own thing. When we got inside, the stage was empty, the "bar" is charging for the beers and cocktails, no food, no program, no nothing.

Anyway, I'm still looking forward to "next time!".

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Anonymous said...

hi .n_n. im currently a SHRIM student in CSB haha,. I also served at the NO alumni left behind event :P and yes, most that came were from main :p anyways,. there will be a SHIRM alumni homecoming this march. If you would like to come please see this site:
(although details would be added more next week,.) thanx and God Bless! Animo Benilde!


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