Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Need Help with CMF Ads.

Yey! I gave in and registered on CMF a few minutes ago. One problem though, I have no idea how the thing works. I am completely clueless on how to "operate" it and I need help.

How to start?
How it works?
What to do?


Thanks guys! :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Frustrations: Job Hunt & Money Matters.

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If you've been following me here, you know how frustrated I already am to find a job. I started applying January 1, 2009. I sent out my CV to A LOT of companies since then. I had several interviews-slash-exams but that's just about it. I stopped applying and decided to let my applications sink in first. Then I started applying again. Just this week I had one exam in a bank and 2 interviews in the same company. I wasn't qualified to take the initial interview after my exam and the result of the 2 interviews I had in one company is still "pending". I am seriously seriously tired of having to apply and looking forward for calls and getting interviews and then not hearing from them again. Maybe it's because I've been spending a lot when I go to interviews. I pay for the transportation, food, printing out of my CV, etc. And you guys know how tight my budget is right now! Ugh. It's just frustrating.

Speaking of budget, another thing that's getting me all worked up is my pending payment in one review site that I joined sometime last year. Since our country got banned there and it's now renamed and owned by a new company, they've been sending out pending payments to their members. But my almost $80 is still with them. I've been e-mailing them for months now, some members who they owed less than $10, even less than $5 have already been paid. I am in desperate need of any amount that I have pending online. Seriously. Right now they are my only source of income, if I could call it at least that.

So yeah, I hope they pay up and I get to receive it by first week of September! I could pay my debt to my brother and pay my phone bill with that amount. After that, I'd have no worries and I'll start from scratch again without thinking about debts and just worry and "work" for my own use.

Please! Please! Please!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Entrecard and Adgitize Problem?

Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

I tried doing my EC dropping and Adgitize clicks when I got home from my job interview earlier this afternoon. I started with my EC drops inbox, I clicked on one widget and the page loaded slow and the EC widget on the blog doesn't appear. I tried clicking on the Publishers not Viewed in Adgitize and the same thing happens although there are also several blogs that fully loads, mostly don't. When the Adgitize ads appear, the EC widget doesn't and vice versa. Ugh!

I checked my connection and every thing is working well. All the websites I go to loads perfectly well and fast too except for the blogs that I visit. I tried typing the URL directly instead of clicking on their ads still with no luck.

What's going in here? Anyone?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good week so far.

I had lunch with one of my closest college friends and his girlfriend that I haven't seen for more than 6 months last Monday, I have had 1 job exam yesterday, I was able to have a good sleep and good rest today, I am scheduled for a job interview tomorrow and Friday is another fun day for me and my friends.

Good vibes, good vibes, good vibes. :)

Another good thing is I'm still able to keep up with my blogs every single day. My earnings are still a little low but I'm still hopeful that they would increase in time. Slowly but surely, yes?

Big hugs to everyone! (Yes, I'm all giddy happy right now. Positive vibes.)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Friday Night Out.

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been around here much. I'm giving more attention to my new blog since I still have a few regulars there compared to the number of readers and visitors that I get here in my personal blog. So in case some of you has not been to my new blog please drop by by clicking on my badge on the upper right side of my sidebar. I would appreciate it a lot if you could leave comments too. That blog of mine is still a baby and needs support. :)

Anyways, I'm back here for my promise: my friday night out photos. My friends uploaded them already and remember when I said I don't remember everything and I only got memories of small things? Well, when I saw the photos I realized I only remember teeny-weeny details, not small, just teeny-weeny.

I may appear normal, but believe me I had no recollection of majority of the photos uploaded. And so to protect the image of yours truly, I am only posting normal looking photos of me. LOL. Nobody would want to see me face down on the floor, sitting outside on the rain, sleeping on the table, etc. etc.
I still cannot believe I had that much fun with only a hundred pesos ($2) on me.

Me with my friend Mitch (who is also the older brother of my friend and also one of the owners of the place) and their friend Kirk.

Me with Anna.

Me with our friend, Bert (who is also a part owner) and Bettina.

Me. I swear I cannot remember this photo being taken.

Incomplete group photo. I wonder where the others were.

The other photos were just crazy silly ones, and stolen shots too. Out of the hundred photos I have, only these are "presentable" enough to post here in my blog. Hahaha!

Fun night, fun night except for the day after and the bruise that I got.

I wonder how this Friday would be... hmm.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

What happened last night?

Friday is fun day for me. Most of the time. My friend picked me up at home at around 11:30 PM and we went straight to Booze Stop, where we usually are every Fridays, to have a drink or two and eat our favorite: Spicy Spareribs. Unfortunately, the spareribs was not available that night so we settled for something else. Another friend of mine arrived and joined us.

It was a real crazy night last night. I went out with only a hundred pesos ($2) in my wallet. SERIOUSLY. I don't know how I survived. It was one of our friends' birthday, there were a lot of people, the Friday band was great, plus it rained HARD around 3 AM and as always we stayed until the bar is closed and almost all employees have gone home leaving just our group, one of the owners, supervisor and manager (all three are friends of ours) behind. We talked, laughed, took silly pictures of each other, drank some more, and I... I ended up pulling 2 mono-block chairs and lied down. Don't ask. ;)

I don't remember everything starting from 2AM onwards. I do have a memory of small things though. I don't forget completely.

When I woke up later today, I felt so bad. My stomach was killing me. Not my head, my stomach. I don't know whether I want to throw up or not. The feeling lasted until earlier this evening just in time for a late dinner with college friends. No, I didn't spend much. I AM THIS BROKE. Hahaha! I really don't know how I'm surviving, how I am still able to go out with friends with only a hundred pesos with me. I guess I have good, generous friends. :) Anyway, aside from the bad stomach, I also have another bruise this time on my arms. I usually get one on the legs. Everytime I go home from Booze Stop, I always end up having bruises. Why oh why?

I will share photos once my friend uploads them. I only have a few on my camera and they're not even worth uploading.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quarter-Life Crisis.

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I found this one on my friend's notes in Facebook and thought it would be great to share it with you guys. This somehow summarized (or explained rather) what I have been going through this year.
This one just hits home and is EXACTLY what's going on with me. Sorry if this is quite long. It's worth the read.

For those in their twenty-something..

This puts it all into words perfectly. We call it the “Quarter-life Crisis.” It is when you stop going along with the crowd and start realizing that there are a lot of things about yourself that you didn’t know and may or may not like. You start feeling insecure and wonder where you will be in a year or two, but then get scared because you barely know where you are now. You start realizing that people are selfish and that, maybe, those friends that you thought you were so close to aren’t exactly the greatest people you have ever met and the people you have lost touch with are some of the most important ones.
What you do not realize is that they are realizing that too and are not really cold or catty or mean or unsincere, but that they are as confused as you. You look at your job. It is not even close to what you thought you would be doing or maybe you are looking for one and realizing that you are going to have to start at the bottom and are scared. You miss the comforts of college, of groups, of socializing with the same people on a constant basis. But then you realize that maybe they weren’t so great after all.

You are beginning to understand yourself and what you want and do not want. Your opinions have gotten stronger. You see what others are doing and find yourself judging a bit more than usual because suddenly you realize that you have certain boundaries in your life and add things to your list of what is acceptable and what is not. You are insecure and then secure. You laugh and cry with the greatest force of your life.

You feel alone and scared and confused.
Suddenly change is the enemy and you try and cling on to the past with dear life but soon realize that the past is drifting further and further away and there is nothing to do but stay where you are or move forward. You get your heart broken and wonder how someone you loved could do such damage to you or you lay in bed and wonder why you can’t meet anyone decent enough to get to know better. You love someone but maybe love someone else too and cannot figure out why you are doing this because you are not a bad person. You go through the same emotions and questions over and over and talk with your friends about the same topics because you cannot seem to make a decision.

You worry about loans and money and the future and making a life for yourself and while winning the race would be great, right now you’d just like to be a contender! What you may not realize is that everyone reading this relates to it. We are in our best of times and our worst of times, trying as hard as we can to figure this whole thing out. This goes out to all twenty-somethings … maybe it will help them feel like they are not alone in the state of confusion that is our post-grad years!!! “

Now, who's with me???

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Have you ever felt this... uneasy?

It's not even halfway through the week but I already feel anxious. I have started passing applications again yesterday "with" my friend. I made around 3 applications and he had 2. We passed 2 applications in the same company and my other one is at a bank.

I don't know why I started feeling so uneasy after I applied. I guess maybe because I have been applying for most months of this year, I'm already feeling like I'm running out of time, with all
the stress and much pressure that I'm having right now, I don't think I can take it any longer if this year ends with me still being unemployed. NO. I won't let that happen. I can't. PLEASE.

Enough with the drama. Last weekend, I attended my friends' bar's 1st year anniversary and it was fun!

My 2 crazy friends. The one with the thumbs up is one of the owners.
Happy First Anniversary!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Giveaways!! *edited*

2 weeks left and it's the end of the month again. The start of the -Ber months. The beginning of the countdown and preparation for the holidays.

So, as a way of saying Thank You and also for the promotion AND celebration of my new blog: Mara's Appetite, I would be giving away some EC credits and/or $1 via PayPal.

There would be TWO "categories" and it would be as easy as A-B-C and 1-2-3. :)

Category Number 1:

1.1. Visit Mara's Appetite.
1.2. Drop EC's.
1.3. Leave comments, drop me a line or two. (Okay, this one's not mandatory but I would be grateful and happy if you could let me know that you read my entries and what you think of it.)

* Since MA only started publishing in the 5th of August and the EC widget was installed just a couple of days ago, it's understandable that I only get a handful of visitors, readers and droppers per day. Even so, I would be giving away 100 EC credits each for my Top 10 droppers this month of August. Yup, the whole TOP 10. :) It's that easy. The credits will be awarded first week of September.
This giveaway is only for this month of August. Other giveaways would be announced.

Category Number 2:

2.1. Visit either one or both Mara's Appetite and Mara's Personal Bubble.
2.2. Just do what you normally do when you're on here... or there.
2.3. Sign up in Adgitize by clicking my banner on top (Adgitize Me) or click HERE.

2.4. Be an advertiser.

*I will be giving away:

- 500 EC credits PLUS $2 for those who would sign up AND be an advertiser (and be approved) under me ON THE SAME MONTH.

-200 EC credits for those who would sign up only as an affiliate/publisher PLUS $1 if you become an advertiser before year 2009 ends.

- plus 100 EC credits for the succeeding months that you would advertise.

Fair enough? $2 and the EC credits would be sent first week of the following month to give time for those who would like to be an advertiser for the month. You could sign up any day and be an advertiser after a couple of days, it's okay as long as you do BOTH on THE SAME MONTH. If you opt to be an advertiser next month, or the next, or the next (until December) it's okay, you'd still get $1 after you've signed up.

To find out more about Adgitize, you could visit my other blog or Adgitize itself.

Giving away of $2+500EC, 200EC, and $1 for signing up AND advertising would be until December 2009 but the 100 EC credits would go on as long as you advertise.

Once you've done both please leave a comment here with your e-mail addresses so I could contact you.

Thanks for all the support!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

College Memories.

I was doing my usual routine yesterday of checking my Facebook right after I open my eyes in the morning (literally) and I got a notification saying I was tagged in a photo, I checked it out and saw a 3-year old group picture way back college. I felt nostalgic. Just a few days ago I went to school just to eat lunch. I miss college life. I miss the company. I miss everything about it. Yes, even the paper works, the exams, the reporting, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

One of the many college moments that I miss:

Breakfast at The Empire Hotel in Brunei.

The Empire Hotel, Brunei with girl friends after the seminar.

Group photo.

Inside the cinema in Brunei. Last full show: CLICK.

Wine training at Edsa Shangri-La Manila.

I miss our out of school trips especially the out-of-the-country ones. College was so much fun!

*Okay, I'm feeling sentimental again. Time to sleep.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thank heavens for friends and distractions.

I was able to go out last Friday night. My friend, Anna and her bf picked me up at home but it was only Anna and I who were together the whole night since her bf had to work. It was fun. The food was great (I would talk about that on my other blog), the band was good, and it was more fun when one of my BFF's showed up unexpectedly. He was acting up mad at me cos I didn't text him that I was there.

These are my good and crazy friends that I spent my Friday with:

I don't know what I had that night but when I woke up the next day I got a lot of self-control and self-realization about one thing: I'm done making myself worry and feel like crap over someone who is so obviously not feeling the same towards me. It's not like I want us to be together together but if we're going to be in just for fun then be consistent about it. Don't go texting me every day and calling me every single night after we've kissed and then when I say I want to see you, you'd say "next time" and when you say "let's have dinner/watch a movie/go to there and there" it doesn't happen. What is up with that?!
I'm through with that kind of thing. If it's for fun, stick with it. And thank you for last Friday you drew the last straw. 

This is why Friday has always been my favorite day of the week. Something good always (well, almost always) happen. Fridays are great! At least last Friday was. I wonder how this coming Friday would be. Hopefully, as fun as last week's or maybe even better. :)

You guys have any plans yet?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Who's your proof-reader?

Sorry the photo is kind of blurry. But look closely and it read:
"With utmost care. Military honor guard carefully moves the coffin of President Arroyo out of the Manila Cathedral."

I saw this photo of today's newspaper (Manila Bulletin) on my friend's wall in Facebook. Seriously? President Arroyo? It was supposed to be AQUINO NOT ARROYO. I know it's not funny but these media reporters and writers keep on saying Arroyo instead of Aquino. There's this male reporter who keep on repeating "the late President Arroyo..uh.. Aquino..". At first it made me laugh but then almost all media (even local news websites!) have this "typo error". Intentional? Not? I hope they correct this. I know many (if not most) Filipinos don't like President Arroyo but still... this is just not good. Or funny.

What do you guys think?

On a lighter note, I would like to invite everyone to visit my new blog Mara's Appetite if you haven't yet. Thank you!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mara's Appetite...

... is now up and running! Please, please, please drop by:

I admit it's not COMPLETELY done yet. I am still not happy with my template and I have yet to add Entrecard. But I decided to already start publishing before I end up just pushing and pushing its "launch" date until I get too lazy again and procrastinate instead. With my new blog already published, I have a motivation to get my ass up and look for a more presentable template, fix my Adsense, put up Entrecard and attract new traffic. I would appreciate it if you could help me with these things especially the latter.

Also, please feel free to Follow and Subscribe to Mara's Appetite's feed. Let me know what you think about my first entry (just the first entry, I know my overall theme/blog is not as beautiful as we expected but I'm trying here). :) 

I almost didn't push through with the publishing tonight because I was too pre-occupied watching the late former President Cory Aquino's Funeral since this morning and my brain's too sad to function, I said "okay, tomorrow" but then I remembered I have a dinner date and then on Friday I have a lunch date and on Saturday another dinner night out, so I finally said "okay, don't put until tomorrow what you CAN do today." And there I went, I started adding my new blog on Adgitize, and putting up one Adsense ad.

I can't wait to hear from all of you and to see you there!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Badge is Ready!

Yey to Lady Java! My badge for my new blog is ready and before this week ends I am sure that I would be able to publish entries on it. I cannot wait! You guys will be seeing this new badge on EC and Adgitize as I will be advertising and promoting it. I hope you'll support and visit it as you have in this blog.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Mara's Personal Bubble will still be here by the way, so you guys have yet to get tired of all my rants and raves about almost everything. :)


Monday, August 3, 2009

My so-called office hours.

Since I am so excited to publish my new blog, I decided that it's about time I fix my schedule for all my online activities. I want everything to be organized, on a time table and this schedule is to be followed no matter what (oh, self-discipline come to my rescue!). If it is to be delayed for a few hours, the schedule would still be followed even in a later time.

Yes, I am this serious about my blogging especially since this is the only job that I've got so far and I better make use of my time very wisely instead of just wasting hours and hours of just browsing around the web looking at nothing in particular. I have already spent months procrastinating, delaying doing anything productive and now I just couldn't take it anymore. I realized that maybe this is a sign that has been knocking for so long on my door that I just kept on ignoring: blogging, writing. I won't be stagnant anymore. I am going to use my time wisely and treat this as I would on a real-life job.

Although the schedule that I wrote down is still open for changes until my new blog is already up and running.

Just for a quick view, here's the tentative schedule that I made:

Of course, included in the 3 hours alloted time for EC and Adgitize is reading entries and leaving comments. I know 3 hours won't be enough and I will be making adjustments as soon as I get to feel having to maintain 2 blogs. I just need to have a schedule, even if it's tentative, to follow so as not to miss and mix things up and then I would end up doing basically nothing.

Oooh can you feel my excitement already? I don't even know exactly why I am this excited. It's not like my new blog would be unique or grandiose. Hmmm. Maybe because it would stick to a subject and it's still something that I love. I hope to see all of you there soon!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

JULY Top Droppers.

Where has July gone? I didn't even notice the 31 days are over. Sheeesh. And now it's time for another entry for my my top droppers for the previous month. Again, I would like to thank everyone for the continuous visits, messages and comments especially since I was sick for a good number of days last July what with my being hospitalized and all. Thank you for the sweet well-wishes. I really really appreciate all of them!

Dropper# of drops
D Anjhel Scraps Of Life30
Over a Cup of BARAKO29
Life With Roxxymetal28
Brick For Jade28
English Wilderness: Nature Photography28
Gas Saver27
Lohman Trading26

By the way, I am currently working on my new blog. I have a URL already although I haven't published any posts yet since I am waiting for my badge and all those other stuff (Adgitize, EC/CMF, Adsense, etc.) that I will be putting on. Hopefully, within this week or next it will already be up and running. I hope to see you all in my new blog too. :)


Saturday, August 1, 2009

R.I.P. Ex-President Cory Aquino 1933-2009

I woke up with the news that our country's first female president Corazon Cojuangco Aquino already passed away early this morning at 3:18 AM. She was fighting colon cancer for about a year and she had in the hospital recently for a month. The cancer cells already spread into her other organs and earlier, she died of cardio respiratory arrest.

Former Philippine president Corazon Aquino in her earlier years as president.
photo c/o: Yahoo! Images

I am still at a loss for words regarding her passing away although every time I see her on the news, I always make a comment on how it will be any moment now that she will be gone because I remember my Dad's condition before. He was rushed to the hospital, diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, got discharged, went home almost as strong as ever and then after a few months his body quickly weakened and then he was gone. It was a little similar with Cory although as ironic, she and her family were still lucky that they were able to spend much longer time with each other after finding out about her illness.

This just goes to show that time flies and our life could end in just a blink of an eye and with just a snap of a finger. 

My condolences to the family and friends of the former president.

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