Monday, January 26, 2009

College Survey.


I haven't posted any new entries this weekend and I missed you guys. I don't why but I didn't do anything much. I didn't do anything at all. I just stayed here at home. My supposed Saturday plans got ruined and I don't want to elaborate on it today. I'm still very upset about it and I might say things that I'll regret later.

Anyhow, I was browsing through my Multiply contacts and read this survey that my friend, Kester, took up. Since I miss my school and college in particular, I decided to post the "survey" here.

The questions are in Tagalog and I'll try my best to translate them into English as best as I can.

SHRIM (School of Hotel, Restaurant, Institution Management) Survey:

ID Number 
Ilang terms ka pa?  (How many terms do you have left?)

Specialization track 
Hospitality Management. 

Favorite SHRIM subject 
BARMGM (Bar Management) and INCEMRK (Incentives Marketing)

Favorite SHRIM professor 
Sir Lacson.

Saan ka nagpapaphotocopy ng handouts? (Where do you have your handouts photocopied?)
8th floor and 7th floor.

Badtrip ka sa crowded elevator? (Do you hate crowded elevators?)

Saang floor locker mo? (What floor is your locker located?)
8th floor. 

Mahal mo ba ang AKIC? (Do you love AKIC?)

Nagpupunta ka ba sa snack bar?  (Do you go to the Snack Bar?)
Yes. Mostly after every 2 subjects. :)

Ano naman kinakain mo sa snack bar? (What do you eat there?)
Baked Mac, Tuna Sandwich or Chicken Sandwich.

Ang liit ng bookstore noh? (The bookstore is small, no?)

Kumakain ka ba sa Caf? (Do you eat at the Caf?)

Masarap ba? (Is the food delicious?)

Saan ang tambayan mo sa labas ng AKIC? (Where do you hangout outside of AKIC?) 

Kanino ka bumibili ng yosi? (Where do you buy cigarettes?)
I don't buy cigarettes cos I don't smoke.

Nakailang adjustment ka na? (How many adjustments have you done?)
One. I hated it!

First time mo sa AKIC, ano tingin mo? (What was your first impression of AKIC?)
AKIC doesn't look like a school. :p

Dapat ba may bell sa AKIC? (Does AKIC need a bell?)
They used to have but then nawala.

Naalala mo pa kung kailan ka unang napadpad sa 10th floor? (Do you remember your first time you went to the 10th floor?) 
Haha! Yeah. We go there when we feel like doing number 2.

Ano ang org mo? (What's your school org?) 
YHE (Young Hoteliers' Exposition), HRIMS (Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management Society) AND TRIP (Travelers In Progress).

May e-purse ka? (Do you have e-purse?)
No, I don't have.

Tried checking in at the CSB Hotel? 

May chef's attire ka? (Do you have a chef's attire?)

Sino academic adviser mo? (Who's your Academic Adviser?)
Sir Ele but sometimes I go to Sir Lacson or Sir Siocon also.

Magkano tuition mo this term? (How much is your tuition for this term?)
Zero Pesos. :p It's cos I'm done na.

Nagkaroon ka na ng 6-9 class? (Did you have a 6-9 class?)
Nope. Thank God!

Ilan ang drinking fountain sa AKIC? (How many drinking fountains do AKIC have?)
6th, 7th, 8th, 9th floor and then 2 sa Caf.

MPH, madalas ka? (Do you frequent the Multi-purpose Hall?)
Every YHE week.

Ilang beses ka nang naka-attend ng mass sa chapel? (How many times did you attend mass in the chapel?)
A couple of times.

Dapat ba wi-fi zone ang buong AKIC? (Should AKIC be a Wi-Fi zone?)

Satisfied ka sa security sa AKIC? (Are you satisfied with AKIC's security?)

Saang CR may grafitti? 
Every floor but they paint it clean every term.

Dapat ba may dressdown day sa AKIC? (Should AKIC have a dress down day?) 
It's dress down every Finals.

Name a professor that you wouldn't want to be your teacher 
No one.

Sure na sure ka na ba sa HRIM? (Are you sure with HRIM?)

When is your target graduation? 
I've graduated already!

Kilala mo si Angelo King? (Do you know Angelo King?)

Proud of being a SHRIM student? 

Friday, January 23, 2009

The After Treat.


My final interview is done and I am not ecstatic about it. I am so not in the mood to elaborate further and I'm not being pessimistic when I tell you guys that I don't think I'll get the job but I'm about 90% sure about it. I saw the HR Director's face and I'm pretty good at reading people's faces. So there. On the brighter side, I don't feel upset or the least disappointed about it. I am unbelievably calm and positive about other things. 

Anyway, after the hunting feeling of nervousness and anxiety over the now-done final interview that I've been talking about it here for weeks now, I treated myself with my usual Nail Spa appointment and had early dinner at Secret Recipe with my Mom.

Hello Yellow. :)

Kids' Fish and Chips.

Mee Goreng.

Food prices in Secret Recipe are very affordable and worth it. They have Asian food, American and Italian. Their prices range from about 120-500 per meal. I wanted to try out their pastries but I'm too full already. Their cakes look really yummy and I would definitely try their Mango Madness and their Chocolate Banana Cake since I read it's two of their bestsellers.

Tomorrow is gonna be another food trip for me so I'll be posting more food entries--again! :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tomorrow is THE day!


Friends, readers, visitors, everyone, in less than 24 hours I will be having my final interview already for the job that I have applied for mid last year. I'm not sure if I have already shared the info about it (except for the interview schedules) but I promise I will share more details once the final interview is done.

I am set for 8:30 AM tomorrow which is in 10 hours. Again, I am asking everyone to please please pray for me. Pray that whatever the result may be, whether I get the job or not, that it would be for whatever purpose HE has for me. I promise to do my part and stay as calm and as focused as possible. The rest I leave up to Him already.

I think this is gonna be the last time you'll hear about me raving and ranting about job interviews. :)

Thanks to all those who've prayed for me, will pray for me and those who are still praying for me and including me in their prayers. This is incredibly a big deal for me. I don't want to sound negative but I also don't want to get my hopes too high even though I think I have the right to since I have waited for their call for more than 6 months. Whatever the employers' decision may be I'll accept it.

*staying positive*
*thinking happy thoughts*

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Now what?


Yesterday I made a list of "tasks" that I need to accomplish within this week and I am so proud to say that most of them are done except of course for my final interview which would be on Thursday (I'm still asking for your prayers to help me get through it!).

After more than a week of house confinement, I went to the mall earlier today and bought some of the things that I need for my interview on Thursday. I bought stockings, face powder puff and nose pore strip. My Ellana Mineral Make-Up samples also arrived earlier. 

So far, I'm doing good about the "stay calm and focus" task and also the "move around" and "eat less and eat healthy" tasks.

The things I haven't started doing yet: 
- Review
- Sleep early and wake up early.
Oh, I think I want to add starting up another blog but this one I have in mind is just about a certain topic/subject. A collection of something. :) Maybe not this week but hopefully by the end of January. I'm going to need my own customized layout though to keep it organized since it's a collection. So, I need major help. Anyone? Pretty pretty please?

Okay, I was supposed to start sleeping in early last night but my brother and I had super late midnight snack and so I slept in after midnight again. Plus, I don't want to review. Not because I don't want to come in prepared, hell I've spent almost every day before the impact interview reading and browsing around, it's just that if I started reading them again I'd get anxious and nervous and I don't want to feel what I felt last week. I'm nervous enough already.

I noticed I'm feeling slightly not my usual grouchy self today. I haven't snarled on anyone at home and I'm keeping focus on things I want to be done. I've been thinking about starting a new blog like I've said awhile ago, I've dragged myself to go out of the house and found buying stockings as an excuse, I'm listening to Boyce Avenue the entire day and I'm loving their covers (you can watch their videos and listen to their songs via MySpace and YouTube--I would definitely blog about them some other day), and I'm looking forward to watching President-elect Obama's Inauguration later at Midnight here which probably means I won't be sleeping early tonight either.

Wish me luck on everything! Pray pray pray and prepare prepare prepare. :)
Oh, let me know if anyone could help me with the layout for my new blog. Would truly appreciate it!
Thank you in advance!

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Tasks for This Week.


Monday. Another day. The start of a new week and I'm feeling so lazy to move even a single muscle. I haven't visited others' blogs yet and I don't think I am in the mood to do so today. I am currently hooked on finishing the 6th Season of 24 which I've just started watching a couple of minutes ago after finishing Season 5. I have to pause it and grab the opportunity to post an entry for today. I feel I have to do another list yet again to help me get through this week. 

Tasks to accomplish for this week:

1. Get up on my ass and visit my friends' blogs. (Adgitize and Entrecard)
2. Go to the mall tomorrow to buy stockings for Thursday's interview.
3. Wait for my order to arrive either tomorrow or Wednesday and practice how to apply Mineral Make-Up, again, for Thursday's interview.
4. Review the previous "handout" that I've made last week for Thursday's interview.
5. Sleep early and wake up early starting tonight in preparation for Thursday's interview.
6. Stay calm and focused.
7. Eat less and eat healthy.
8. MOVE around.

That's basically it. Most of the tasks are in preparation for my Final Interview this coming Thursday which most of you know. Again, I'm asking for your prayers. Not just to get the job but to have the result that is MEANT for me. I know I can survive the interview. I just hope that I'll survive it without any regrets. I really really appreciate your prayers and good luck messages for me. :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

6th and 6th.

I've been tagged yesterday by Mye and I was excited to post it cos it's my first time to get tagged. LOL. It's hard deciding what Pictures folder to consider for this "activity" but I decided to go with the default Pictures location where all the photos from my digital camera go when I upload them.

This photo was taken summer of last year in a resort in Batangas. We were originally just 7 who were together the entire stay, those 2 crazy guys behind me who (wearing red and blue) who also happens to be our friends just dropped by to see us before going home to Manila from their Wakeboarding trip. I think this was our 2nd or 3rd night hence our tanned/burnt skin. I look like shiz in this photo cos I was the one fixing the timer of my digicam and running back and forth but hey, my smile's genuine. :)

As for the rules of the game, here it is:

1. Go to your Picture Folder or wherever you store your photos in your PC
2. Go to the 6th folder and pick the 6th picture
3. Post this on your blog and the story that goes with that picture
4. Tag 5 bloggers by leaving them a comment on their blogs and telling them about the tag

Now, I'm tagging Fedhz, Grandy, Lace, Grace, and Jed.
Lemme see what you got dear friends. :))

Friday, January 16, 2009

Going back to Memory Lane. Flashbacks and memories of all sorts.


Flashbacks and Memories:

1. One school day afternoon, 2 years ago, while me, my mom and my dad are having our afternoon snack at Via Mare my dad and I started a conversation that went like this:

Dad: "How many 
years before you finish college?"
Me: "3 and a half and I'm on my 3rd already."
Dad: "So, you should get a high paying job after that. Your tuition fee is so expensive. Don't tell me you're going to have a job that pays minimum." (jokingly)
Me: "Of course not Daddy. When I get a job, what do you want me to buy you? A new car? A new house? A Caribbean cruise? A new Cartier? A new LV? Tell me." (smiling and half-joking)
Dad: "Nah, just buy me a new Rolex."
Me: "Just a Rolex? Okay, that's easy. Kayang-kaya!" (laughing)

Why am I sharing this conversation? Because, last night I had a dream and it was about my promised Rolex to my Dad. I can't remember clearly how my dream went but I remember my Dad reminding me about it. That's clearly a
 sign that I should get a job already if I want
 to save enough money to buy him that watch. Of course he is not around to wear it but maybe I'll give it to my brother instead.

Anyway, after lunch today I went to the cemetery and visited my Dad's grave. I told him that I didn't forget that promise and I would keep it and save for it. It's the first and last promise I made him (other than finishing college) and I'm going to keep it! It's nothing compared to all the hard work and the love that he gave me and my siblings. 

2. I'm having quite an emotional meltdown because of all the things 
and people that I keep missing. 

My friends, my school and going to school, the way life used to be for me, my Dad and I also have to handle the stress and pressure of landing on a job by the end
 of February. It's overwhelming that I am already turning 22 this year and I have to
 work already and earn and save up. This is real life slapping me in the face telling me that I should stand up on my own and that my parents wouldn't be around long enough to still cradle me and provide for everything I need and want in life. There are just too much realizations for me to handle all at once.

3. I remember Bar Management class in College. 
Especially the Barlab class where we get to drink beer, vodka, cocktails, brandy, and all the other alcoholic drinks you
 could think of. Of course we are excused and Bar classes are mostly the last class that's available in our schedule so as to avoid attending other classes drunk and tipsy to pay attention to the lecture. It was always a fun class to attend to. I don't think I ever cut that subject. Okay, maybe just one time.

4. I miss being carefree. Where I don't have to worry about adult stuffs like monthly bills and going to work and making ends meet. 
Where I only think about final exams, recitations and course card distributions as my MAJOR problems. I miss cramming for the deadlines and having a good laugh about it with my friends. I miss getting high grades. 

I miss how everything were. I just miss everything. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Site Stats.


Site Meter's having some glitches. Why else would I have 2,883 views tonight when hours ago I was at 2,946? I was actually hoping I'd reach 3,000 tonight but no, I don't think so. 


In search of a good MMU.


I only use make-up when going to school (College) since we are required to be looking good, meaning less paleness, in certain courses like Front Office Operations, etc. But I only know how to apply powder, blush, eye liner and lip gloss, oh and concealer. I have no idea what shades suit my skin tone. I don't even know if I'm light toned or medium or neutral or what have you. So now that I'm in search for make-ups that I would use for my Final Interview next week, I'm having a very very hard time. I want to try Mineral Make-Up since it's a lot cheaper than the brands I use and MMU lasts longer (or so they say). MMU is only available online that's why it's harder, I can't try it on before buying.

I think I'm going for the Samples first and would most probably let the seller decide and choose what colors and shades go better with my complexion. I need at least a day before the interview to practice applying MMU.

Has anyone tried using it before? I don't know how to use this. I've read raves about Ellana and Bare Escentuals and I'm checking out their websites already. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Thank You's.


Yesterday was my Impact Interview as most of you guys know. I've been talking about it over a week now and I am so glad that it's over. Well, not completely since I still have  one interview left: the Final Interview which is scheduled on the 22nd, about 9 days from now.

I haven't gotten the job yet but I would like to thank all my friends who sent me Good luck messages through YM, Multiply, Facebook and those who left a comment here in my blog and my Cbox:

Ms. Eileen

Please please continue to pray for me. My final interview would be on the 22nd, I still have to wait for their call or text or e-mail to know what time. I guess I have to bear with my racing heartbeat for a little more while. :)

Thank you guys!!!


Thanks to Jed of Jed for the mention of my Job Hunting blahs and asking his readers to pray for me. Thank you thank you thank you! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Today's distractions.


Tomorrow is THE day. The big interview day. MY interview.
So, I'm all nerved up and anxious about it that I needed to find some distractions to at least keep my heart beating in a normal pace.

- Thanks to those who've wished me luck and prayed for me. You all know who you are and I'm thankful for your well-wishes.

- I stayed on YM while doing my readings on Job Interview Preparations and stuff. Thanks to those who've talked to me via YM: Zano, Kiko, Kester and Ian. You all calmed me down a bit.

- I have also downloaded and listened to some songs to calm me: Nirvana, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis, Relient K, The Veronicas, One Tree Hill's songs and thanks again to Ian for "introducing" me to 10 years. 

- I uploaded photos in my Facebook account.

- Did my usual online routine.

- Answered a Personality/Temperamental test online. My result: Phlegmatic Melancholy. Find out what it means and take the exam for yourself by clicking HERE.

All of those things I did while preparing for my interview tomorrow. Multi-tasking. I'd rather do a lot of things at the same time and finishing them one by one than staring blankly at the screen.

Please please wish me luck. Only less than 14 hours left before my interview. I'm starting to feel confident but still nerve-wracked about it. I'm feeling crazy.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pepper Lunch's GOMA.


Okay, before I start reviewing for my Impact Interview on Monday, I would love to share first that I have already tried Pepper Lunch's GOMA soft ice cream for dessert earlier this afternoon. I only took a photo of the dessert this time cos I had Curry Beef---again and I already have a photo of it here.
I like the Kuromitsu more maybe because I love Caramels. :) But GOMA isn't bad. It's black sesame flavored by the way to those who haven't tried it.

Next on my list to try would be the Cheesecake. :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

My very first Blog Award!


Mara's Personal Bubble (was then Mara's Random Thoughts) was born July of last year but has only been regularly updating for the past 60 days or so. I have gone from posting referral links for my other money making websites to sharing some parts of my personal life here. I tried to make this blog about just a certain topic but I couldn't and I'm happy about it. Being random is more fun.

Anyway, from my search of getting high number of traffic and readers I have luckily stumbled upon Adgitize and Entrecard and both of these programs helped me get at least 50 visitors a day although it's just a handful who actually take time to read my post and comment on them or leave a message for me at my Message Box (Cbox).

So, I'm blabbing again. Whatever. I just feel thankful to Ice of Mga Kwentong Maalamat for giving me my first award ever. I don't think the You Make My Day Award from Mye counts as MY award but hey, I'm happy Mye shared it with us, her readers. :)

Here's the award that I got:

Thanks for giving me this award! I really really appreciate it. At least I know there are some people who "recognize" my blog and the effort that I'm doing in writing my entries every day. I know I'm still new at this and I'm sure I will improve in the long run (hopefully my blog would last longer than what I expect).

In return, I would also be giving this award to those I think deserve it:

3. Mye

So,  by accepting this award you should follow these three simple rules.
  • Put the logo anywhere in your page or post.
  • Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
  • Link 10 other bloggers of whom you want to give this award to.
I know there's a lot more out there and I'm sorry but I reached the "quota" already.
Again, thank you for the award. It may not be the Pulitzer or the Nobel Prize but still, an award is still an award. :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Job Interview Tips.


I'm thankful to the wonders of modern technology especially the internet. How almost every information is available at the tip of our fingertips lessening worries for people like me.
I am also thankful to my friend, Anonymili, for e-mailing me articles about job interviews which she wrote.

I hope posting some of the good reads I have found online will also be of help to others with interview jitters.

1. Most Difficult Questions in an Interview - how and what to answer on the question: What is/are your weaknesses?
Whatever weakness you disclose try and ensure you have something ready to say how you're trying to improve on the weakness. This shows you are aware of your weaknesses, are mature enough to admit to them and are willing and able to further develop your skills to ensure those weaknesses are no longer weaknesses."

2. How To Beat The Job-Hunting Blues - how and what to prepare while job hunting.
"You can't honestly sit and apply for jobs all day every day whilst you are looking for a job. You need to relax as well and if you are out of work and actively looking for work, it is impossible to dedicate all of your waking hours to job searching. This can be very demoralising and I always recommend that it's quality that counts when making applications not quantity."

3. How To Prepare For A Job Interview - self-explanatory.
"What do you do? Carry on working/studying/watching TV till your interview next week and wing it? God NO! Make sure you do some preparation before you turn up there all ready to show them your sparkling eyes and wonderful personality. These features/characteristics alone will not win you the job."

4. Ten Biggest Interview Killers - what to avoid during interviews.
"When you're on a romantic dinner date, you try to avoid "mood killers" -- talking with a mouth full of food, cursing an ex-lover, or complaining about a foot ailment. During a job interview, you have to avoid similar spoilers if you want to make a good impression."

5. Six Common Job Interviews - self-explanatory.
"One of the easiest ways to build confidence before a job interview is to prepare answers to questions you might be asked. Whether you're applying for a position as a web programmer, accountant, or legal secretary, interviewers often use some general questions to assess candidates, so you'll increase your chances for success if you prepare for them in advance."

Now that we have settled most of the worries and jitters on the interview, from the job hunting preparation to the job interview itself and questions to prepare for, all that's left to do is pray for God's guidance, try to relax and clear our mind of other things, and think positive! we wouldn't want negative vibrations surrounding us on our big day, right?

Anonymili (via Helium) for the first 3 tips.
Yahoo! for the last 2 tips.


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