Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Now what?

Yesterday I made a list of "tasks" that I need to accomplish within this week and I am so proud to say that most of them are done except of course for my final interview which would be on Thursday (I'm still asking for your prayers to help me get through it!).

After more than a week of house confinement, I went to the mall earlier today and bought some of the things that I need for my interview on Thursday. I bought stockings, face powder puff and nose pore strip. My Ellana Mineral Make-Up samples also arrived earlier. 

So far, I'm doing good about the "stay calm and focus" task and also the "move around" and "eat less and eat healthy" tasks.

The things I haven't started doing yet: 
- Review
- Sleep early and wake up early.
Oh, I think I want to add starting up another blog but this one I have in mind is just about a certain topic/subject. A collection of something. :) Maybe not this week but hopefully by the end of January. I'm going to need my own customized layout though to keep it organized since it's a collection. So, I need major help. Anyone? Pretty pretty please?

Okay, I was supposed to start sleeping in early last night but my brother and I had super late midnight snack and so I slept in after midnight again. Plus, I don't want to review. Not because I don't want to come in prepared, hell I've spent almost every day before the impact interview reading and browsing around, it's just that if I started reading them again I'd get anxious and nervous and I don't want to feel what I felt last week. I'm nervous enough already.

I noticed I'm feeling slightly not my usual grouchy self today. I haven't snarled on anyone at home and I'm keeping focus on things I want to be done. I've been thinking about starting a new blog like I've said awhile ago, I've dragged myself to go out of the house and found buying stockings as an excuse, I'm listening to Boyce Avenue the entire day and I'm loving their covers (you can watch their videos and listen to their songs via MySpace and YouTube--I would definitely blog about them some other day), and I'm looking forward to watching President-elect Obama's Inauguration later at Midnight here which probably means I won't be sleeping early tonight either.

Wish me luck on everything! Pray pray pray and prepare prepare prepare. :)
Oh, let me know if anyone could help me with the layout for my new blog. Would truly appreciate it!
Thank you in advance!

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pehpot on January 21, 2009 at 2:18 PM said...

Hey Mara.. you are still included in my prayers..Keep it cool.


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