Sunday, May 31, 2009

I made my own pair of slippers and some tennis.

Slippers first, it is once again Make Your Own Havaianas event in the Rockwell Tent that started May 28 and will end tomorrow June 1. I was there early during the first day but still not early enough to get in front of the already long line when we got there. It was only 9 AM and the line is already super long. The door opened at 11 AM and we got in by 12 and got out with our pairs at 2:30 PM.

The people inside. There are only a certain number of people allowed inside hence the super long line outside.

With Anna and the line of many people behind us. If you look very closely, you could see heads until the very very back and they're standing.

That's my hand holding up the pairs Anna and I made. Mine's the one on the left and the other one is Anna's.

I wanted to make 3 more pairs. One with the red sole and metallic light golden strap, olive sole and metallic light golden strap, and blue sole and yellow strap. Dang being bankrupt!

I am watching tennis right now, Nadal(1) vs. Soderling(23), and I am all smiles cos Nadal's down 1 game to love. Woot woot! Although it would be cool if Federer and Nadal play for the championship. :) 

About Simon and Beck, they lost during the third round. Simon has this injury in his right knee and he wasn't playing well because of it. Good thing Roddick is still in and of course, Federer. In the women's singles, I am rooting for Ivanovic and Safina.

Can't wait for the final day!! :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Frustrations: Blah is all that comes out of your mouth.


ConversationsWithMoms:Every day Conversations with a Mom Blog

To: You Know Who You Are

I have always known your words are worth nothing, most especially your promises. They are and will always be made to be broken. You have proven me that for years and I should have known better than to believe you this time around. Change my ass. You have not changed a bit. Not your negative traits anyway.



You shouldn't make promises you know you won't be able to keep (uncertainty counts).

From: Someone Who's Had Enough Of You

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm still betting on Federer!


French Open 2009 started last May 24. I had no idea that it did until I had a feeling that it has been way long since Australian Open, I checked the website last night and there, my new guy Giles Simon's match just ended. Ugh! Good thing he won though, means I'd still get to see him play on 3rd round.

I was able to watch Maria Sharapova's last set, man she almost lost! 

My bet in the Men's Singles would still be Roger Federer, I'm rooting for Andreas Beck, Gilles Simon and Andy Roddick to finish until 4th. Please. I am not scratching out Rafael Nadal. I know he's good especially on clay court but whatever, I'm Federer all the way. :)

And speaking of Roger Federer, I am currently watching his match against Jose Acasuso. That's why I am making this entry a bit quick and short. I am so preoccupied watching, cheering and doing some serious dropping of ECs. 

Today's Day 5 and the French Open would end on June 7.
If you want more details visit Roland Garros.

First set just ended and it lasted more than an hour. How great of a match is this and it's not even semis yet. I am so excited! Federer won the first set and looks like this is going to be a very long match.

I'm gonna go watch now. See you folks later! I still have some stories about how my day went today. :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A puppy and a kiss.


I had the strangest and cutest dream last night that I woke up with a smile on my face. Yep, it was that cute.

The most strangest thing that happened was that I was already asleep by 8:30 PM last night! It was the earliest that I've gone off to bed since I don't know when. it actually feels good to be able to sleep and wake up at a normal time.

Okay back to my strange and cute dream, as usual I cannot remember the entire dream but I do remember that I have a puppy which my brother and I were playing with in the car while my Mom was driving and then it switched to me ironing some friend's handkerchief and then her boyfriend went inside the room and then when he was about to leave he kissed me on the forehead, turned to his girlfriend and kissed me on the lips. Not a peck on the cheek, not a smack on the lips but it didn't involve the tongue though. It was actually a sweet kiss.
FYI, the latter dream was the strange one. Well just in case you were wondering. LOL.

That kiss dream just came out of nowhere. Fine, I was pondering on my lovelife and all so that kiss dream really wasn't that unexpected but the person who kissed me is! I mean, I was attracted to him back in college and he was so sweet to me then cooking me food that was not on our menu and stuff like that but I haven't seen him for a year, no calls, no nothing. I was expecting a faceless guy to be on that dream. But okay, it was still sweet. :)

About the puppy, that I am really planning. Maybe in a year or two I would buy myself a Maltese or a Shih Tzu or when we get out of this apartment, I'd go for a Golden Retriever. I have been really really wanting a puppy!

Maltese. When I have one I'll always get him a puppy haircut.

Shih Tzu.

Golden Retriever puppy.

Aren't they the cutest? The only thing holding me back is as much as I am already fully decided on having one, the training part is the one holding me back. I am not sure if I can handle it just yet. Soon. Soon Soon.

Oh, I would love to post a picture of the guy in my kiss dream but just to be safe, I won't. :)

photos from:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My New Badge.


I would like to send my big thanks to Fedhz for my new badge. This is actually just a trial and error, a sample use. I just thought I'd use it for the meantime for a change.

I started using this badge for my Entrecard and Adgitize Ad.

So you friends might wonder where my mirrored photo of a badge is, well you'll see the photo above for some time until the FINAL one is done. :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lunch at Sumo Sam.

Kat A., Mara and Apple
Lunch @ Sumo Sam (Shangri-La)

2 of my high school and bestest girlfriends and I went out earlier today for lunch. It was actually Apple's super late birthday treat for us.

Yummy Japanese! Good thing we all agreed to have Japanese instead of Italian, I was really craving for some Spicy Tuna Salad and Green Iced Tea.

The birthday girl (well, last April). Haha!

Happy happy birthday Sis!!
Love you!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My BB fell on the floor!


I was having my room cleaned yesterday. Major cleaning including changing my window curtains and my bed sheet and pillow cases. So I got up and went downstairs and left my room to have it cleaned. I left my phone, my laptop and iPod on my bed as I always do. 
After I had brunch and my room was cleaned, I checked it out and everything was organized. My curtains and bed sheet were changed, my floor was dustless, my laptop, cellphone and iPod were now on my table and the other stuff on my dresser were put back in place. I thought every thing was okay. I got my laptop and headed down to the living room for my usual day to day activities. Then I remembered my phone so I went up and got it, replied to some messages and put it down on the table beside my laptop. 

And then....

My brother woke up, headed down the stairs, sat in the living room chair beside me sitting on the floor and then spoke:

"Did you know your phone fell on the floor earlier while she was cleaning your room?"

Just then I reached out for my phone, checked for scratches or any damages, none. I checked if I could still call and text, still working. I checked the was on "thermal" mode! I tried taking pictures, it still flashes but when I try to preview it, the photo won't appear! I tried the battery pull, no luck. I tried playing with the settings and options, no luck still. I tried it again tonight, still no luck. Urgh!

My poor Blackberry. :( This photo was taken just minutes ago. Excuse my looking so sad cos I really am.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Frustrations!

ConversationsWithMoms:Every day Conversations with a Mom Blog

Here I am again with yet another couple frustrations of mine. I won't make this long since I am also not in my not-so-usual bubbly self.

1. It's been about a week now after I have sent my applications to like 50 vacant positions in different companies and I haven't heard from any one of them. Not even for an initial interview whatsoever. I am getting stressed out thinking about this since...

2. ... we have no food in the fridge, pantry and the whole kitchen. How terrific can this month get? It's also been exactly a week since we just go to the store to buy some canned goods and me and my brother aren't really comfortable eating canned and fried meals for days straight. But heck it's cheaper than going to the market especially now that...

3. ... I am doing some serious budgeting around here because the bills are due this week and having said that my allowance has been cutoff, I really really need to tighten the belt. Good luck with this frustration. I hope next week my frustration will be a lot lighter like wanting to eat Frozen Yogurt or watch a movie or go out or another hangover but wait, they all involve spending which I cannot possibly do right now if I want to stretch out my remaining money until I get my job. Believe me, it won't last another 30 days. Job, please come and get me!

If you want to join Friday Frustrations feel free to visit Maria at Conversationswithmoms.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I hate waking up from a very good dream!


Have you ever had a dream so beautiful that you want to sleep in longer? Well I have.

The past few nights, I have been sleeping late as in 4AM late so it was kid of a miracle that I was able to sleep at 11PM last night with no effort exerted. I was expecting I would get out of bed earlier but I was wrong. I had a very beautiful dream and I tried sleeping in longer and never wake up.

I dreamed of my Dad. I could not recall how my dream went exactly but I remember we were in some place like a mall or a house (definitely not ours), there was my Dad, me and some other people I don't remember, there was a dog, a phone call and what made the dream beautiful was that my Dad was there, hugging me like he was telling me there is nothing to be worried about. I miss him so much and every time the missing feeling is unbearable, he always appear in my dreams. I don't know why it happens, if I just miss him so much that I dream of him or he wants to console me and tell me every thing is going to be fine. I prefer to think it's the latter.

So today's blog entry is all for him. For those who are new in my blog, my Daddy passed away last September 2007. I wouldn't say that I am a Daddy's girl but I was more closer to my Dad than my Mom and my Mom had this feeling my Dad prefer us, his children, than her. I don't know. Anyway, our life changed big time after his passing. I miss Daddy every single day and I'd give anything to have him back.

I love you Daddy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My new black flats!

Soda Afar Black Flats. 
photo from:

Yey! My shoes which I ordered about a month ago finally arrived in my doorstep just tonight. It's nothing special or extravagant whatsoever but I am more of a comfy, classic, casual kind of girl and flats, especially black ones, almost always complete my every day outfits. 

I pre-ordered this from a Multiply site which happens to be owned by someone I know and luckily someone who lives just around the street where I live. 

For my friends in the Philippines who wants to pre-order clothes, shoes, perfumes, ANYTHING from the US and have it shipped to your homes, you could visit: POWER RETAIL. 
All you have to do is browse the web for whatever things you want, message the URL to Power Retail and they will reply with the price quotations and once you've agreed, you will have to pay 20-30% of the price and wait for about 3 weeks for your items to arrive and then pay your remaining balance. I am not part owner or anything of this business so you could check out their page for clients' feedbacks.

Too bad I can't pre-order again since....yeah, I have to get a job first! No more online shopping for me. Hell, I doubt if I could even go out of the house anymore what with less than a thousand bucks left in my wallet. Had I known this would happen, I could have delayed my pre-ordering this shoes. But since it's already here, I tried it on and I LOVE it. It is so comfy! 

Now, when am I going to be able to use them? :(

Monday, May 18, 2009

Drink Drunk Nights.

Wednesday Night @ Central, Pioneer.

Friday Night @ Booze Stop. I hate you alcohol. Major hangover after 3 shots of tequila and Lord knows how many glasses of Kamagong (cocktail) and Margarita plus one bottle of beer.

Friday Night @ Booze Stop, Makati. Group photo. This was actually after midnight already and we were all on our "amats on" mode. Alcohol kicking in.

Saturday Early Morning @ Starbucks, Metrowalk. This was around 4 in the morning and we badly badly (especially me) need caffeine. The guys dropped us off one by one starting with me since my place was nearer to the Metrowalk and to Makati as well and the rest of the girls live in QC. Had fuuuuuuun!

So this is the reason why I haven't been back blogging and dropping. Hangover every other day. No alcohol for me for at least a week. Hello, water and iced tea. LOL!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Frustrations!

ConversationsWithMoms:Every day Conversations with a Mom Blog

I have recently decided to join Mommy Maria's weekly meme, Friday Frustrations, I first read about it earlier this month but I just didn't think that it would fit my daily schedules especially since it's a Friday and I usually go out every night and sleep in in the day.

Today's different though, I am squeezing this entry in after sleeping in more than half of the day, making drops and before I head out of the door in a few minutes. 

I have about 3 frustrations right now and they're not at all good:

1. I woke up at around 1 something in the afternoon earlier, I did my usual routine of waking my laptop up and checking my mail, blog and Facebook. Then I saw my Adgitize not working, my drops dropped from 100+ to less than 50. So that basically woke my nerves up until I checked my phone for my messages. One message topped the worst news of the day or even the month: my monthly allowance will be cut off starting the end of this month! How a great news to start my day with! I have no job yet, I'm still in the process of applying and interviews and my birthday is next month. My brother didn't even inform me beforehand about this. His secretary just texted me that I won't get any allowance anymore. I mean, they could just have told me that they'll cut it off next month or after my birthday. You know, some breathing space!? Argh! Bills. Bills. Expenses. Work. Job. Please!

2. Okay, with number being said: I NEED A JOB, ASAP!

3. Numbers 1 and 2 combined!

I'll die! I almost cried. My initial reaction was blank, nothing and then when it finally sank in, I thought about my bills, my expenses and my Subic trip on the 28th-30th. :( This is so frustrating!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Adgitize - A Huge Help For Bloggers.


I have been a member of Adgitize since the first week of December last year and I started being an Advertiser last January. I still wasn't sure how the site works then so I was not able to get back the Advertising Fee that I have paid for although I earned half of the amount back. I skipped most days of February but came back as an Advertiser mid-month and luckily, I earned the minimum and was paid for it. By March, I was browsing around a lot, visiting advertisers and publishers and noticed that my points went way up and so I decided to give Advertising another shot. I advertised last April, I went back doing what I always do when I go online; visit other blogs and comment on them. My time spent was paid off real well. I received my payment just last week and it doubled up with still a week to go before my ad expires!

So I guess it's time for me to promote and share good words for Adgitize to other bloggers especially to those who are only starting up their blogs and want their blogs to get traffic and earn at the same time.

Adgitize is easy to get used to. You just need to:

1. Click on Ads (banners) of other blogs
2. View other blogs
3. Publish articles in your blog/s
4. Have great amount of traffic

and if you want help with Number 4, you could try

5. Advertise in Adgitize

Yes, you get points visiting other blogs, clicking on their Adgitize Ads and publishing articles on your blog AND for visits and clicks on your blog. How great is that? Isn't that what we normally do anyway? Only this time we get points and earn from it. It may sound easy, it actually is but you have to have several minutes or hours devoted to it. Your earnings will depend on the number of points you make each day, the higher your points the higher your earnings will be. I have at least 360 points per day and my earnings go between $.70-$1.

What's great about being an advertiser (and publisher) there is that aside from bringing you a lot visitors in a very well worth it price of $14 a month is that in those visitors, you could meet new friends, you get additional points for being an advertiser and you get to visit a lot of interesting blogs altogether.

If you guys would like to get traffic to your blog, advertise your blog and/or earn while blogging, sign up for Adgitize and you won't regret it.

If you have questions in mind you could visit their site by clicking on the banner above or here: Adgitize. For further inquiries, Ken Brown and the other members of Adgitize are always there to help via the Forum.

I hope I'll see you guys in Adgitize! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother-less Mother's Day!



I honestly almost forgot that it's Mother's Day today. I know it's this May and all but I'm not just feeling it cos my own mother is not here and we rarely talk on the phone or exchange text messages (especially now with the ass guy thing). I did sent her a greeting though. I greeted my friends, sent them messages and posts on Facebook and to all my blog friends who are Mothers: Mommy MariaFedhzAte PehpotGrandy,Redhead RantingLisgold, and all my Mommy visitors: Happy Mother's Day to all of you!! :)

Since I am "mother-less" in this occasion, I spent my day sleeping in late, watching my dose of CSI's on cable, chatting to friends online and then heading out to go to the mall for some Frozen Yogurt and my very much needed Nail Spa. My nails were begging me to have them cleaned cos it has been a month and 5 days already since my last appointment and my nails were getting longer than I wanted and my nail polish were chipping off.

I am back to Earth colors again since my previous polish was Violet. I don't think I posted a picture of it here. I'll go look. I'm sure I have it somewhere on my phone. In the meantime, the above photo is my recent Mani/Pedi. Nice?

Red Mango in Megamall. I don't really go to that mall cos it's always crowded with lots of kids running around and parents chasing them and people bumping into each other and I am not a fan of that kind of environment. I hyperventilate so it's not advisable for me to be going to places especially malls, church, etc. with lots of people.
Anyway, my friend has been raving about this frozen yogurt for quite some time now and I got really curios hence my visit to Megamall. I love frozen yogurts and it's either I have them at California Berry, Lulu Belle's or FroYo, just these 3 places. And since my friend was convincing enough and I trust her when it comes to food, I gave in and gave Red Mango a try and man was she right! Red Mango's frozen yogurt was creamy and more "yogurt-y" than the other 3 especially Lulu Belle's. If I arrange them in order of my preference it would go like this:

1. Red Mango
2. FroYo
3. California Berry
10. Lulu Belle

Lulu Belle is a little bland. 

I ordered for a Medium Original with Peaches for toppings. I was on for Strawberries but unfortunately it was not available. Peaches are the next best thing! I love it! I will definitely be back for more. I just hope I find a branch that is less crowded and still near my place.

WOOT! This is going to be another busy week for me...or so I'm thinking. :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sleepy Saturday!


Today has been a crazy day. Thursday was raining the whole day cos of a typhoon, Friday was as dry and hot as ever and then today when I woke up it was raining hard and when it stopped, the sun was still nowhere to be found. How crazy can it get? It was still supposed to be summer but we already had about 4 typhoons that entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility. It's raining, it's sunny and then it's raining again.

Anyway, I slept for most of the day today so I am on a time limit here to go check out friends' blogs like I promised to do. I didn't really intended to sleep until 1:45 PM and then go back to sleep at 4:30 PM and wake up again at 7 PM. Weird part is, after sleeping for more than 12 hours, I still feel sleepy! Maybe it's cos the past week consisted more of sleepless drunk nights and I barely had enough rest. Not that I'm complaining, I so enjoyed my vacation and I haven't felt tired or anything until I got home and lied down on my own bed. Oh, so comfy!

I missed a few more highlights of last week like Manny Pacquiao's victory over Ricky Hatton, my first ever visit to Manaoag Church, etc. etc. Will get to it when I have more time in my hands cos as I am typing, I am currently watching AWAKE on cable. I love love this movie!

So I'll see you guys later! I will be multi-tasking; visit blogs, comment, and watch! :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

One Week's Worth Of Update!


Friends! I am back! I have been gone for a week yet again and I am back. So this entry will be a little long. I think this was the longest I have gone off without updating my blog and I miss everyone so much. There had been a lot of crazy things that happened -- both great AND downright infuriating and I can't wait to share it to everyone.


But first things first, it's almost the end of the first week of May and that means April Top Droppers are now here and my first update for the month is to send my Thanks and Hugs to every one who made it to the list as well as those who haven't, I'm sure you tried your best and there are some friends who are not on the list but really made me feel their presence and friendship with the comments that they leave. 

Thank you for continuously visiting my blog and taking time to read and leave comments and it's not just the Top 10 that I am thanking but it also goes out to my other friends like Mommy MariaAte PehAte BingkeeFedhzBill and every one else who left a comment on my entries. My appreciation is beyond words. April has been a very good month for me in terms of my blogging work. I was able to earn back the $14 I paid for my Ad in Adgitize in less than 2 weeks and more than doubled it up with still a week to go before my Ad expires, I got more visitors than ever, I got additional Followers, most of my entries received a lot of comments and I made quite a few friends who are now regularly in attendance and you can see them leave comments. April was fantastic and it's all because of Y-O-U. YOU! :)

Part 2

It was a long weekend from May 1-May 3 because of Labor Day and while most families and friends had plans for this 3-day weekend, I had plans for the WEEK! Okay, the first day and last 2 days was because of spontaneity but May 2-5 was totally planned to be spent in Tagudin in Ilocos for one of my friends' town fiesta but because I am always game, when my friend Jo, asked me to go with her family to Pangasinan on May 1 and we'll go straight to Ilocos from there my vacation started that day. And May 5 being the last day was extended to May 7. How fun is that? And to cut a super long story super short, I'll just post some crazy photos I have here.

Slumber party-like Party. Over night stay at Katz's (middle) place. From Bucao and Beach house in Tagudin for 4 nights, we went to Katz's at Candon to hang out and spend the night. Pat and Jayen were hilarious! Never a dull moment and they never fail to make us laugh real hard with their antics. 

I am in major infuriated mood this time. Seriously upset and raging mad and I was trying hard to put on a smile so as not to ruin my friends' happy mood too. I was still hung over from our drinking session from the night before that lasted til morning and night time of the same day, drinking session again. So I was really not in the "not-funny-too personal-joke-to-joke-about" thing. Remember the guy in my earlier post? Turns out he's an ass and a "cougar lover" (if he's really 27 like he said). He called me and told me he had a date with my mom. Complete with dinner, stroll around, movies and he even took her to his place and when I tried asking my mom, she neither confirmed nor denied which made me a lot more in rage! So anyway. PLEASE do not leave comments about this. I'm trying to hold back angry and bad feelings from getting into me. I have had enough for 4 nights already and more comments and opinions are only gonna make what I feel right now a whole lot worst! But thanks anyway. I just want the world to know that some guy named RYAN GARRET (if that's even his real name!) nearly ruined my happy vacation and made me so furious that even my friends are surprised with all the words coming out of my mouth because of my fury with him and my supposedly mother!

A friend of a new friend who's a cousin of my friend. LOL. A new friend of mine that night unfortunately I guess I had too much to drink that I don't exactly remember if we talked about Facebook or each other's mobile numbers. Tsk!

Group pic while having our first major drinking session! Can you believe that my friends only met the night before and they were all getting along VERY well! I was initially with my college friends: the two guys, Rox and Jelo and the girl Rox (in red) has his arms on, Jo and then on our 3rd night, my high school friends surprised me and we became a group after that. Total fun and laugh trip moments!

Girls outside the Town Plaza. This has been a very very tiring day. We had a total of almost 5 hours of road trip, 2 hours going to Vigan for some Empanada, a couple of photo taking and then back on the road, went to Katz's house for dinner and then back on the road, went to the Plaza and then straight to the drinking session. Exhausting but completely fun.

I feel like I've missed some photo stories but I guess these were the highlights of my vacation. My second to the last night might have been ruined by a guy not worth it but my vacation overall was beyond fun! 

Part 3

Now that I am back in the real world of drama, my usual routine will resume tomorrow. I will get back to all my droppers, readers, visitors and friends' blogs. I promise! You guys know I always get back. Other than saying thank you's and posting your blog links here, I visit and comment on your blogs to extend my appreciation. Besides, after my April experience in blogging I feel more inspired than ever and eager to make sure I can maintain my readers. Woot! So looking forward. And of course, I am also back worrying about finding a job before my birthday next month and other stuff. 

Part 4



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