Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm still betting on Federer!

French Open 2009 started last May 24. I had no idea that it did until I had a feeling that it has been way long since Australian Open, I checked the website last night and there, my new guy Giles Simon's match just ended. Ugh! Good thing he won though, means I'd still get to see him play on 3rd round.

I was able to watch Maria Sharapova's last set, man she almost lost! 

My bet in the Men's Singles would still be Roger Federer, I'm rooting for Andreas Beck, Gilles Simon and Andy Roddick to finish until 4th. Please. I am not scratching out Rafael Nadal. I know he's good especially on clay court but whatever, I'm Federer all the way. :)

And speaking of Roger Federer, I am currently watching his match against Jose Acasuso. That's why I am making this entry a bit quick and short. I am so preoccupied watching, cheering and doing some serious dropping of ECs. 

Today's Day 5 and the French Open would end on June 7.
If you want more details visit Roland Garros.

First set just ended and it lasted more than an hour. How great of a match is this and it's not even semis yet. I am so excited! Federer won the first set and looks like this is going to be a very long match.

I'm gonna go watch now. See you folks later! I still have some stories about how my day went today. :)

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