Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother-less Mother's Day!


I honestly almost forgot that it's Mother's Day today. I know it's this May and all but I'm not just feeling it cos my own mother is not here and we rarely talk on the phone or exchange text messages (especially now with the ass guy thing). I did sent her a greeting though. I greeted my friends, sent them messages and posts on Facebook and to all my blog friends who are Mothers: Mommy MariaFedhzAte PehpotGrandy,Redhead RantingLisgold, and all my Mommy visitors: Happy Mother's Day to all of you!! :)

Since I am "mother-less" in this occasion, I spent my day sleeping in late, watching my dose of CSI's on cable, chatting to friends online and then heading out to go to the mall for some Frozen Yogurt and my very much needed Nail Spa. My nails were begging me to have them cleaned cos it has been a month and 5 days already since my last appointment and my nails were getting longer than I wanted and my nail polish were chipping off.

I am back to Earth colors again since my previous polish was Violet. I don't think I posted a picture of it here. I'll go look. I'm sure I have it somewhere on my phone. In the meantime, the above photo is my recent Mani/Pedi. Nice?

Red Mango in Megamall. I don't really go to that mall cos it's always crowded with lots of kids running around and parents chasing them and people bumping into each other and I am not a fan of that kind of environment. I hyperventilate so it's not advisable for me to be going to places especially malls, church, etc. with lots of people.
Anyway, my friend has been raving about this frozen yogurt for quite some time now and I got really curios hence my visit to Megamall. I love frozen yogurts and it's either I have them at California Berry, Lulu Belle's or FroYo, just these 3 places. And since my friend was convincing enough and I trust her when it comes to food, I gave in and gave Red Mango a try and man was she right! Red Mango's frozen yogurt was creamy and more "yogurt-y" than the other 3 especially Lulu Belle's. If I arrange them in order of my preference it would go like this:

1. Red Mango
2. FroYo
3. California Berry
10. Lulu Belle

Lulu Belle is a little bland. 

I ordered for a Medium Original with Peaches for toppings. I was on for Strawberries but unfortunately it was not available. Peaches are the next best thing! I love it! I will definitely be back for more. I just hope I find a branch that is less crowded and still near my place.

WOOT! This is going to be another busy week for me...or so I'm thinking. :)

2 comments on "Mother-less Mother's Day!"

Maria@Conversations with Moms on May 12, 2009 at 5:03 AM said...

Thanks for the Mother's Day shout out.

fedhz on May 13, 2009 at 7:07 PM said...

Thanks for the greeting, Mara. I haven't posted how my day went. Anyway, that red mango looks deli!!! huwaw!


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