Monday, January 26, 2009

College Survey.

I haven't posted any new entries this weekend and I missed you guys. I don't why but I didn't do anything much. I didn't do anything at all. I just stayed here at home. My supposed Saturday plans got ruined and I don't want to elaborate on it today. I'm still very upset about it and I might say things that I'll regret later.

Anyhow, I was browsing through my Multiply contacts and read this survey that my friend, Kester, took up. Since I miss my school and college in particular, I decided to post the "survey" here.

The questions are in Tagalog and I'll try my best to translate them into English as best as I can.

SHRIM (School of Hotel, Restaurant, Institution Management) Survey:

ID Number 
Ilang terms ka pa?  (How many terms do you have left?)

Specialization track 
Hospitality Management. 

Favorite SHRIM subject 
BARMGM (Bar Management) and INCEMRK (Incentives Marketing)

Favorite SHRIM professor 
Sir Lacson.

Saan ka nagpapaphotocopy ng handouts? (Where do you have your handouts photocopied?)
8th floor and 7th floor.

Badtrip ka sa crowded elevator? (Do you hate crowded elevators?)

Saang floor locker mo? (What floor is your locker located?)
8th floor. 

Mahal mo ba ang AKIC? (Do you love AKIC?)

Nagpupunta ka ba sa snack bar?  (Do you go to the Snack Bar?)
Yes. Mostly after every 2 subjects. :)

Ano naman kinakain mo sa snack bar? (What do you eat there?)
Baked Mac, Tuna Sandwich or Chicken Sandwich.

Ang liit ng bookstore noh? (The bookstore is small, no?)

Kumakain ka ba sa Caf? (Do you eat at the Caf?)

Masarap ba? (Is the food delicious?)

Saan ang tambayan mo sa labas ng AKIC? (Where do you hangout outside of AKIC?) 

Kanino ka bumibili ng yosi? (Where do you buy cigarettes?)
I don't buy cigarettes cos I don't smoke.

Nakailang adjustment ka na? (How many adjustments have you done?)
One. I hated it!

First time mo sa AKIC, ano tingin mo? (What was your first impression of AKIC?)
AKIC doesn't look like a school. :p

Dapat ba may bell sa AKIC? (Does AKIC need a bell?)
They used to have but then nawala.

Naalala mo pa kung kailan ka unang napadpad sa 10th floor? (Do you remember your first time you went to the 10th floor?) 
Haha! Yeah. We go there when we feel like doing number 2.

Ano ang org mo? (What's your school org?) 
YHE (Young Hoteliers' Exposition), HRIMS (Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management Society) AND TRIP (Travelers In Progress).

May e-purse ka? (Do you have e-purse?)
No, I don't have.

Tried checking in at the CSB Hotel? 

May chef's attire ka? (Do you have a chef's attire?)

Sino academic adviser mo? (Who's your Academic Adviser?)
Sir Ele but sometimes I go to Sir Lacson or Sir Siocon also.

Magkano tuition mo this term? (How much is your tuition for this term?)
Zero Pesos. :p It's cos I'm done na.

Nagkaroon ka na ng 6-9 class? (Did you have a 6-9 class?)
Nope. Thank God!

Ilan ang drinking fountain sa AKIC? (How many drinking fountains do AKIC have?)
6th, 7th, 8th, 9th floor and then 2 sa Caf.

MPH, madalas ka? (Do you frequent the Multi-purpose Hall?)
Every YHE week.

Ilang beses ka nang naka-attend ng mass sa chapel? (How many times did you attend mass in the chapel?)
A couple of times.

Dapat ba wi-fi zone ang buong AKIC? (Should AKIC be a Wi-Fi zone?)

Satisfied ka sa security sa AKIC? (Are you satisfied with AKIC's security?)

Saang CR may grafitti? 
Every floor but they paint it clean every term.

Dapat ba may dressdown day sa AKIC? (Should AKIC have a dress down day?) 
It's dress down every Finals.

Name a professor that you wouldn't want to be your teacher 
No one.

Sure na sure ka na ba sa HRIM? (Are you sure with HRIM?)

When is your target graduation? 
I've graduated already!

Kilala mo si Angelo King? (Do you know Angelo King?)

Proud of being a SHRIM student? 

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hi mara - i have yet another award for you. check my site for details...

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