Monday, November 17, 2008

Rihanna and Chris Brown After Concert Party.

Alchemy's entrance. If you look closely you'd see Janna's reflection and mine. She was the one who asked me to take a picture of this. She was like: "Babe oh! Picturan mo. Haha!" and I said: "Haha! Fine. Okay babe. Malakas ka sakin eh." We didn't pay the entrance fee thanks to Garv! Yey!
Excuse our outfits also cos this whole after concert party thing was just a last minute decision and because we were avoiding traffic and we want to be the first group in Alchemy to arrive, we headed straight from the concert in Taguig to Alchemy in Ortigas still wearing our concert outfits suited for the open field atmosphere.

After an hour of waiting, they finally arrived. This is my only lucky shot of the entire night. I have yet to wait for friends to upload and see if they have any decent pictures of CB and RiRi. That's Chris Brown by the way. Excuse my blurry shot of him. Everybody's just going crazy last night. Or should I say, early morning cos it's 2:30 AM when they entered.

Babes: Janna and Mara. Mine's the messed up stamp. It just says: Alchemy V.I.P.

Hello bottles of San Mig Light, cans of Sprite, glass of cherries and the hidden bottle of Absolut Kurant Vodka.

The girls: from left-right: Janna, Trina, Irene, Mara and Cathy.
I think this was around 4 AM or so and I just downed my 3rd glass of Kurant which I would say for the nth time, I won't drink Kurant ever again! That traitor.
Anyway, after an hour we went home already cos Janna, Cathy, and Poon (not in the picture) still has work at 9 AM. Hello, it's Monday.

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