Saturday, November 1, 2008

I miss you Daddy!

I am missing my Daddy so much.

I just got home from the cemetery and the weather is so weird. I left the house cloudy and when I got to my Dad's place it was already sunny. As in the sun's up bright and it was effin hot!

There were flowers from Mayor and Chairman Abalos, roses via our "garden" at home and my 2 sisters brought some flower arrangements also. Candles were also lit. I think I saw about 6 when I arrived and there were 2 newly lit ones before my mom and I left.

I miss my Daddy sooooo much! I don't usually go to cemeteries cos there's really no one to visit except for my grandfather's in the province whom I haven't met and 1 cousin of mine in North Cemetery but well, last and this year and the years to come would be a little "something to look forward to" cos it's my Dad. Darn. I miss you Daddy!

missing her Daddy so much,

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