Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hello, Acute Asthma, Sore Throat & Allergic Rhinitis!

I haven't been posting again but it's not because my week was boring or something close to that, on the contrary last week went good especially the Friday-Sunday part. Good meaning I got out of the house plus I was in the gym Tuesday and Thursday. So, last week was not boring BUT it's a little bad cos I was and still am not feeling well. I started feeling a little down with the weather a week before the concert but it comes and goes so I didn't really pay it any mind until last week when it got worse. 

First, my allergic rhinitis is betraying me again.
Second, allergic rhinitis + clogged nose = headache.
Third, I'm having a hard time swallowing cos my throat hurts (for about 6 days now).
Fourth, chest pains = difficulty breathing.
And fifth, first to fourth combined I'm having a hard time talking/speaking for more than a minute straight.

All of that symptoms I have that I mentioned, I have been getting them for almost a month now that's why I decided to go the doctor earlier today just like what my Dad would've liked if he's still here.

After more than 2 hours of waiting for Dra. Garcia to arrive, here's what I got: a prescription for 5 freakin' meds that I need to take every single day after every single meal. Okay, make that 4 meds since the other one listed is my nasal spray. 
Sorry for the crappy pic. I don't really intend it for everyone to see every meds I got. Oh by the way, the fifth med is at the back of the prescription pad. :)

I think I'm gonna rest now cos even typing makes me catch my breath more than usual.
I hope this goes away soon!

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