Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I know I'm sick and all but I couldn't take not to watch Twilight today. I could've gone some other day but today's much more okay to go out.

Besides, my mind was set to watch the special screening of Twilight later tonight but thanks to my very forgetful friend- and i say that with love- she forgot to get me tickets and she texted me yesterday that it's sold out already. I tried my best high school friends but they have their other set of friends already and most of my college friends are all M.I.A. That leaves me ALONE. I have no problem with it though. I'm kinda used to watching movies in the theaters alone anyway.

So, back to TWILIGHT-- I woke up at around 9:30 AM and left the house at quarter to 11 AM and arrived at Shang 11 AM something. I intended to leave home early just so I could buy a ticket for an earlier screening time. I've heard yesterday that most screening times are sold out already. Luckily, 1:15 PM, the first screening has still a number of seats available.

I passed the time at Starbuck's in 6th. The barista was kind enough to brew me a Basic Black tea since their available Iced Tea today is Passion. I really appreciated it that for the first time in a long time, I gave them a tip. :)

Anyway, there's my Grande Basic Black and my movie ticket. I'm such a loner.  I decided to go in early so I went to the Cinebar and bought myself a large Buy-the-bucket and I noticed that there were many high school students all lined up. Seriously, how come they are all out of school at 12:30 PM on a Wednesday? Another reason why I wanted to catch the movie in an earlier time is because I'm certain that there would be less "kids" cos it's a school day and it's school time. Guess I was wrong. 

I went inside the cinema quarter to 1 just in time for the movie trailers. I love watching movie trailers.

The second that the light were off and the "Summit" appeared on screen, the viewers (I'm pretty sure it was MOSTLY the younger viewers) started swooning and making "Ooohs" and "Aaahs". Don't ask how they reacted the first time Edward (Robert Pattinson) appeared. They were making funny sounds.

The movie was good. Really okay but it's nothing compared to the book. Not in my personal opinion. Although the book was not really that well-written, it's much more sweeter and my imagination was far better than the movie. At least I think.

Robert Pattinson wasn't the Edward that I pictured, so is Bella but they were okay. Nothing out of the ordinary, just okay.

There were a few "alterations". Some scenes that were shown was not really in the book and vice versa. Although in totality, the movie followed the book.

I'm not going to spoil it for everyone. Just go watch it! I know you will. :)

Can't wait for New Moon! I read it got the green light to start filming already sometime soon.


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