Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

I woke up a little later than I set my mind to last night. I was supposed to accompany a friend in his job hunt-slash-application earlier. We planned to drop by in all 4 5-star hotels in the area and we ended up going to coffee shops (i.e., Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Seattle's Best). Later on that though.

After I woke up, I immediately texted my friend and he said he'll text me after he's done with his workout and then we'll go. No specific time. So I thought of getting ready ahead of time just in case. As I was getting dressed already, my nanny knocked on my bedroom door and handed me something:

My price from Jerri's contest last month finally arrived!! I was just thinking about it yesterday, wondering when it would get here and today it did. :)

I love it! The price was originally just the pendant but Jerri was sweet enough to include the chain as a birthday gift to me. THANK YOU!!!

Oh, this one's a booboo I got from a stapler. I don't who would've stapled my pants and now my thumb has a long line of scratch from it. Dang. It seriously stings.

There. Oh happy happy day. After I received the package, I waited a couple more hours for my friend's go signal. We almost cancelled but I don't know...  I guess we just have to go out of the house. Went to Starbucks and then had tea and pasta at Coffee Bean, strolled around, took a couple photos, stayed at Seattle's Best, had coffee, moved to Oody's, had dinner, had massage, dropped by the drugstore cos my friend started to not feel well, and then he drove me home. This "day" with my friend started at 4PM and ended at 10:30PM. I don't know why but I feel exhausted

I was supposed to still go out with another friend but our schedule didn't jive. Next time, next time.

Tomorrow's going to be another busy day. I have a lunch and dinner schedule with different group of friends. Plus, I will be submitting another application in another company too. This week has been a little busy for me. I feel so tired. Not to mention I started the week with lack of sleep. Followed by another one because I stayed up until almost 4AM watching Michael Jackson's Memorial. And then I had a drink with a friend in her house yesterday. Crazy week. Please let me have a job.

I will be seeing you guys again tomorrow... when I still have the energy to go online (which I'll try to preserve). Thank you for all the comments on my previous posts! I will be responding to them in a bit.

Goodnight guys! I will be doing some serious dropping tonight while waiting for the guy's call. :)


3 comments on "Oh Happy Day!"

Empty Streets on July 10, 2009 at 10:55 PM said...

Dropping by to catch up on my reading here and to greet yah a restful weekend ahead :) xoxo

Vera on July 12, 2009 at 3:27 PM said...

That's a beautiful piece of jewelry. a fitting birthday present :)

Maria@Conversations with Moms on July 13, 2009 at 8:25 AM said...

That was really nice of Jerri to give you the necklace along with the pendant. It's beautiful.

Sorry about the staple accident. I love your nails by the way.


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