Sunday, February 5, 2012

My first 2012 blog post

As usual, I wasn't able to update my blog for months again. I know I said I'll try and update at least every week but then I had several work loads, deadlines, and interviews and I just couldn't make time. I'm grateful about all the work I'm getting though. SUPER DUPER GRATEFUL. :)

Anyway, just dropping to update and keep a list of what's been up for the past weeks/months.

  • Late 2011 has been crazy, fun, and crazy fun. 
  • 2012 started off really great, work-wise. I've been doing several trials, interviews, and new clients.
  • I know spend less time drinking out, and more time staying home working (if that's even possible, given the amount of time I spend working ever since)
  • Been cutting off people on my "friends" list because I feel I'm much closer to those I rarely see and haven't even met, than those I've actually been friends with for some time.
  • I met a lot of new friends on Twitter which I'm so happy about. Thanks to tennis and my love, Roger Federer. (MY TWITTER) I had to set my tweets on private though because some people who are not even following me are bashing me.
  • I'm reviving my Tumblr account. You can check it out and follow me there too. (MY TUMBLR) It's mostly Roger Federer and tennis-related posts but I'm working on mixing it up with my other favorite things.
  • I'm catching up with my favorite TV series.
  • I miss Chuck.
  • I'm active on the Roger Federer Fans forum. If you are a fan, join us there too!
  • Been interested reading about US Immigration law recently. Not like I'm planning on migrating, but..... yeah. Check this lawyer out: Immigration and Employment Law Blog
  • Currently enjoying making photo collage. Here's my first work: (of course it had to be him <3)
  • I have my eyes and mind set on making a purchase this year. I've been praying and praying and praying. I believe.

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