Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Daddy Dream, Rainy Tuesday, Itchy Red Spots and Application Follow-Up.

Part 1.

I woke up with tears streaming down my cheeks earlier. I dreamt of my Daddy again. It's not surprising that I would be dreaming of him especially since Father's Day is fast approaching. But I think that was not the main reason why he appeared in my dreams, hugging me so tightly while saying: "Everything will be okay. You are my most favorite daughter." while I hug him back with a reply: "I love you Daddy... so much." And then I woke up with my brother standing beside my bed. Every time I go over my head worrying too much about getting a job, budgeting finances, planning to look for a new place and all things about the future, Daddy always makes me feel his presence by showing up in my dreams. He used to tell me that I'm his favorite because I am the most thrifty child he has. I'm not sure if he's joking but I guess not. When I think about it, no matter how expensive my things are they are still cheap compared to my other half-siblings' and I only buy "by appointment". I see something today that I like, I tell my Dad about it and ask him to buy it the next week or as a gift for the next occasion (if it's too pricey). Last night, I had a hard time falling asleep because I was thinking about my job hunting. Maybe that's why Daddy feels like he needs to reassure me like he always do that everything will be okay which is actually what I need.

Part 2 and 3.

Today is another rainy day and unlike last Sunday and yesterday, it was dark and raining outside the whole day. I feel pumped up amidst the lazy weather, did my usual routine all the while worrying about these red spots that appeared on my legs and a few in my arms and left chest. The first one appeared on my knees weeks ago, it was a small red itchy spot which eventually doubled the size. And now there are about 12 small red spots al over both my thighs and 2 on my arms and 1 on my left chest. I started applying Desowen on them and if by next week nothing's changed, I will have them checked out already. As a pre-caution I am also cutting down eating too much chicken, eggs, dairy products, fish sauce and soy sauce. I had a case once like this but it appeared on my belly. I seriously thought they'd leave a mark, thank God they didn't. Now I'm hoping these doesn't either or I'd go mad!

Part 4.

I could not wait any longer. I started to pull some strings and asked one of my relatives who is working in one of the companies that I have applied in to look into my application and see what he can do. I am not asking that I get in without any exams or interviews. I just want to be given a chance to show them what I've got instead of just doing nothing while waiting for a call from any of the bundle of companies that I have sent my CV to already. So he called me up and said that he talked to the hiring personnel already and she'll find my CV and call me when they already have a schedule for the next examination. The position that I have applied for has 2 vacancies. They already got one. I hope I am the other lucky one to get in.

Sigh. Still searching and applying.

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