Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Very Merry Heaven and Eggs Christmas!

Before this day comes to an end, I would like to greet every one a very Merry Christmas! I hope all of you are having a great time with your friends and families, enjoying great food, great company, and of course, having fun opening up those presents.

Don't ask me how my Christmas eve and Christmas day went though or I'll be pulling you down with me with my current emotions.

I just hope ever one's having a blast. If I don't
 and didn't, at least others are happy.

The only happy thing that has happened was earlier today, brunch at Heaven & Eggs in Glorietta with my Mom and my cousin.

Here's what I ate:
Head Bangers'

Red Velvet Cake and Cappuccino

I loved the Head Bangers', the Omelet is so delicious and the US Angus Tapa is so flavorful! I can't say the same thing for the cake though, or maybe I was just expecting it to be something like Mary Grace's Velvet Cake. Mary Grace's is a lot more yummy than H&E. 

I loved my Mom's cake though:

Tres Leches

It's not to sweet and not too blunt either. I should've ordered this one instead of that Red Velvet.

Oh, I feel that I should mention this being an HRIM graduate, the service of MEL was really really great. He attended to our needs with a smile, he made small friendly talks while my Mom and I decide what to order, he's so polite and because of that we left him a larger tip than we normally do with other restaurants.

Aside from the food's taste and maybe the ambiance, SERVICE is the most important thing in food establishments. If your service crew is slow, impolite and obviously aren't people person eve if your chef makes good food, potential and even those return customers would think twice of coming back.

Guests LOVE to feel like V.I.Ps.

Okay, I'm having this lecture. I'll have it in another appropriate post sometime. This one is just to greet everybody a wonderful Christmas and share how my Christmas day went.


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