Friday, December 26, 2008

Pigging out again.

I woke up feeling all grouchy this morning yet again. It's not really that unusual for me to be in a not-so-good mood when I get up in the mornings but I'm trying to control it with no luck.

So, when my Mom asked me to go with her to Shangri-La, I lazily got my grouchy self to dress up. Not smiling and not talking.

It was already past 2 PM when we left the house and I successfully muttered under my breath the words: "I'm so hungry."

When we got to Shang my Mom headed to her appointment in Nail Spa and she just gave me money to go get myself lunch.

Here's what I ate:

Beef Pepper Rice

Yup, Pepper Lunch again. All by myself. It was my first time to try PL in Shang since it opened last week. I'm not sure if I just didn't smell myself but the food's smell didn't stick to my body as strong as the one's in Powerplant.

I was so hungry I just remembered to snap a shot when I already started "cooking" it and I felt like I was in heaven after that I forgot to take an "after" shot and share how my shiny plate looked like. I finished every single grain of rice and beef and corn on my plate!

After Pepper Lunch, I bought 4 cupcakes at Frosting in Rustan's but I can't upload the photo right now cos Blogger's kinda slow. Would post it maybe tomorrow. Anyways, headed to Starbucks for coffee, strolled around for a couple of minutes and then went home already.

I'm less grouchy but I'm still not in the mood today that's why I told my Mom that I wanna go home already. I still feel so full from my PL meal that I skipped dinner and ate 1 cupcake and drank 3 glasses of water instead. :)

Next pig-out: Next week probably.

I wonder what food am I gonna share here again.

See yah!

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