Monday, December 1, 2008


I have watched Twilight for the second time yesterday. It's not because the movie is so great that it's worth watching over and over but because some of my grade school friends haven't seen it yet and even though I'm done with it, I still wanted to spend time with them. Soooooooo yeah, that's I willingly indulged to watch it again.

No regrets though, it was fun. Especially Chebby, my nuggets, she was kicking and hyperventilating inside the movie house and every time Edward's on screen (which is almost ALL the time), I cover her mouth just to prevent her from screaming out loud. She's that INTO him. Hahaha! 

It wasn't like the time I watched it Shang where almost everyone where making funny swooning sounds, Powerplant's crowd were a little serious. Chebby should've been with me in Shang, her screaming and kicking wouldn't attract attention. LOL.

Anyway, I wanted to share everything here but I'm a little too tired to go into details. I just noticed that my calendar for mid to late November was packed. No wonder my body's exhausted! Plus, I still have a lunch date with my former "bosses" in Edsa Shang tomorrow and my doctor's appointment after. G'Luck!

And since none of my friends have uploaded any pictures aside from my nuggets, here's the best photo we got:

top left-right: joyce & jow
bottom left-right: me (black), cherry, ara

LOL. Feet! Sorry, I wasn't able to take a group photo using my camera. Had I known I'll have to wait days.......Haha!

Will upload as soon as the others post the photos.

BTW, thanks Joyce! know already. :)

It was fun. Till next movie!

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