Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My first Christmas gift!

It's not really a gift per se. No wrapper and card but still, it's something someone gave me and I'm really really grateful for it!

It's not easy completing 16 stickers of Starbucks just to get this 2009 Planner that they have. I didn't remove it from the box yet, so the photo of the Planner would just be posted in my later entries.

This is my 4th Planner from Starbucks since I started "collecting" them 4 years ago. They have this every Christmas season. 

Promo cards are given to customers who want to collect stickers to redeem the Planner. Cards are usually available every 1st week of November.  During the past years, you have to complete 24 stickers (half for the usual drinks and half for the Christmas drinks) but this year it lessened to only 16 which is good but is kind of harder for me than before since I don't go out much anymore. Anyway, stickers are being given until January and Planners can be redeemed until March or April.

Even though my former boss gave me this, I still have to complete my card for my Mom. No worries, I'm only down to 5. I'm gonna complete it before Christmas. I have to!

I'm just glad I already have one, at least I only have to "work" for 1 card instead of 2.

Thank you, Ms. E!

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Wow, congrats!


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