Saturday, December 13, 2008

Her first day.

As I've mentioned in my earlier entry, my friend already arrived yesterday at 4 AM. My 2 friends and I who are going to pick her up and her brother at the airport were late by an hour cos their flight weren't supposed to arrive until 5:05 AM. PAL schedules are either super early or super late. Never on time.

We weren't that late, we arrived before 6 AM at the airport. Went straight to their house in QC to dislodge their luggage and pick up their parents. Kuya Paul drove their car with their parents and Kat rode with us. We had breakfast at Pancake House in Metrowalk. It was a good 1 and a half drive because of the super heavy traffic yesterday.

We were all starving when we got there  and we all ordered Beef Tapa except for Kat's mom who ordered Omelette instead. After about an hour of eating, we went our separate ways. Us 4 headed to Apple's dorm to pass an hour of waiting for the opening of the malls.

10 AM we headed on to Megamall to buy leggings. Only the two Katrinas bought cos as much as I want to, I don't really have the budget to buy anything (except for food) at the moment.
Then we went to Shangri-La to watch The Day The Earth Stood Still at 12:20 PM screening. I'm going to write a review about that movie later.

Ate soup and some dimsum at Mongkok after. The service yesterday there sucked bigtime! We were all irritated because first, 2 of us (Abs and Apol) didn't really get enough decent sleep and 2 of us (Kat and I) didn't sleep AT ALL, second, we only asked for house water and we asked for it more than 3 times before they served it to us, third, Apol ordered Buchi, we waited for more than 15 minutes and we followed it up after that only to find out that we have to wait for another 15-20 minutes because they just cooked it so cancelled it and asked for the bill instead. We waited another 5 minutes for the bill to arrive. Annoyed, irritated and pissed we paid the exact amount and didn't leave them any tip! Here's the greatest part of all, there weren't even that many guests eating! There were only about 3-4 other tables occupied with only 3-5 persons sitting. How great a service is that?

Moving on, we strolled around for a couple of minutes before deciding to retire. Our group driver, drove us all home. Kat first, me second and Apol third. Heavy traffic as usual. Thank you big time Abs!

When I got home at around 6 PM, I just ate a bowl of Cheerios, brushed my teeth, changed my clothes and hit the sack already. I slept for a good 14-15 hours! I was so sleepy and tired that I didn't even have the energy to accompany my mom to her nail spa appointment earlier today at 10 AM.

I have a couple of things to blog about today so I'll get started with the others.

See you!

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