Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Thought.

"Please don't let this be the end of the world... not yet."
-Mara de Guzman (and most of the human race)

This is just something crazy that I thought of when I woke up at 5AM today. It was raining and by 7AM the sun was still nowhere in sight and the skies were gray again. Why did I instantly thought of human extinction? Well, the past weeks had been terrible not just with the disastrous typhoons that hit the Philippines but the other calamities that happened in our neighboring countries like the earthquake in Indonesia, flash floods in Vietnam and the tsunami in Samoa and several wildfires in the America, and so on. I think it is too extreme already to be happening almost at the same time in days for intervals and having that amount of damage. It is just too scary.

The weather in the past 2 days were a lot tolerable. Too sunny but windy which I now prefer than having non-stop rain and flash floods. That's why when I woke up earlier, I said to myself "uh-oh. please don't let it rain hard." and thankfully it didn't although it's been drizzling almost the whole day now and it's colder than usual and the skies are still dark. Still, thank you for no rain.

Do I sound paranoid/traumatized now by this kind of weather?

Okay, I almost forgot to mention. I used to LOVE today's kind of weather because I can cozy up at home and eat and sleep but today's an exception because I have an exam and interview at 8AM. Not fair. I almost ignored my alarm clock and continued my sleeping. ;) But I didn't of course. I dragged myself up, ate breakfast, took a bath, got dressed and arrived 30 minutes early. My exam and interview are another story.

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