Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Frustrations: Itchy Throat

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1. I didn't get enough sleep last night even though I was so sleepy because of my super mega itchy throat. I felt the symptoms of this coming days before and I ignored it thinking that this was the 3rd time this month that I felt it and a day or two after it disappears. I guess I was wrong to ignore it this time.

I was so proud that I haven't gotten seriously sick for almost a year except for my normal allergy attacks that normally last for less than a week until July happened and I got sick to the extremes. I was hospitalized for almost a week and after that I get sick almost every month. Allergy and sore throat are my closest best friends and they have been visiting my quite regularly these past few month. I guess they are making it up to me.

This is the worst visit so far after my hospitalization. I couldn't sleep because every time I feel like dozing off, I start coughing and sneezing. My cousin who is a nurse is now starting to ask me questions if I have difficulty breathing, if I have fever, etc. etc. Fortunately, I answered no and no and no to all her questions.

I'm still keeping my inhaler beside me just in case. I am also drowning my throat with water.

So yeah, my itchy throat is frustrating me. I need my sleep especially with all my online activities which require my brain to work. I'm feeling too exhausted. Weekend is here again and I'll be resting then.

2. Remember that freeloader I posted about in one of my previous FF entries? Well, she's still here and I already told someone close to her that I want her out. It's been almost 3 months already. HELLO!?!

Okay. Bye.

Happy weekend to everyone! :)

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Maria @ Conversations with Moms on October 31, 2009 at 6:46 AM said...

Being sick is terrible. I hope you feel better soon. Take care and could luck getting rid of uninvited.


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