Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Thought.

Since my mind is an overflowing place of rants and raves, I believe this Sunday Thought of mine would be a daily habit under "Everyday Thoughts". I'm starting that.

Today's thought:

It is not like I am unemployed by choice. Okay... at first it was.

I graduated February of 2008 making me about 1 year and more than 7 months jobless, well not technically since I worked as a Catering Coordinator a month after graduation and quit after 3 weeks. My point is, I really need to work and the first few months after graduation and quitting my first job after that was really my decision. I realized I needed some time off from waking up early, going home late and having a new set of "routine" living all over again. Kind of like school life and I have been going to school for about 14 years. This time, I wanted to relax, spend FREE time staying in or going out and doing whatever whenever I want to. That plan was good for just a couple of months, I thought it would be less than hard to actually land a job, I guess I was wrong because now it has been more than a year... almost two actually and it is getting me a little depressed already and people telling me to "go look for a job already, that will solve your money problem" is starting to offend me.

First, I AM applying for jobs, I have been getting interviews but that's just about it. I have had more than a dozen interviews since I started applying in January 1, 2009. Second, I wouldn't be "complaining" about being jobless if I am not doing anything about it. I am not the all talk, less actions kind of person. I have the right to complain because I am doing something about my problem and I am not getting acceptable results. And third, I am not being picky. Of course I apply to positions that I actually like, but it is not limited to just one. I apply as a Receptionist, Recruiter, HR Assistant, Phone Screener, Office/Administrative Assistant, Management Trainee, Bank Teller, etc. and as you can see, my interests are a bit different so there's nothing picky about that.

Anyway, my "complaining" has stopped weeks ago and frustration is slowly taking over but I am not going to give in to it and I would still continue applying and hopefully, I get a job sooner than later. I am taking baby steps to improve both of my blogs, and use them to earn some decent amount while waiting for the real thing to happen. Again, I am not thinking of making blogging as a profession or a career... at least not yet. I'm saying that for the sake of some people who don't bother reading my whole entry and then tells me to "get my ass out and look for a job instead of complaining about it". I hope they read the whole thing.

As what Dr. Walter Bishop of the Fringe said:

"Faith... never a bad thing to have."

Right? ;)

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Maria @ Conversations with Moms on October 8, 2009 at 11:12 PM said...

I like the idea of Every day Thoughts. I also totally agree with Dr. Bishop.


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