Friday, October 23, 2009

I miss my Friday nights.

I always go out almost all weekends of April until August. Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Okay, Wednesday isn't technically a weekend but I'll count it still. I loved my Friday night outs and being with my friends because those were the only times that we could see each other as most of them has work during the weekdays. I always look forward to the weekends not because it's the weekend and it means days-off from work (cos I don't have work!) but because I will get to be with my friends and eat and drink out with them.

It has been 8 weeks now, 8 straight weekends that I'm at home by my lonesome while my friends do their thing. 8 weeks that I haven't seen a single friend except for Apple who I met up with twice. 8 weeks that I haven't eaten any fastfood (or any other food except for homemade dish) except for the one time I bought fries and Twister wrap from KFC. 8 weeks of being sober except for the one time where I drank 3 glasses of Absolut, 1 glass of Alize and 1 shot of Cuervo during my friend's birthday celebration and the last time where my cousin and I downed 1 bottle of vodka. 8 weeks of being in the 4 corners of our house except for some days that I have to go out and attend a job interview and even then, I go straight home right after and times when I go to the mall to pay my bill and one time when I attended a friend's birthday party. 8 weeks of being broke. So yes, that is the main reason why I'm under house arrest and why I missed and is still missing out on lunch out, dine out or hanging out with friends, and all other social gatherings.

It's not at all bad and I am not complaining about money matters anymore, I am doing things to earn and I'll leave it at that. I am just saying that I miss how my weekends used to be. A glass or two, good food, good company, good conversations, good night, good life.

Sir Jack Daniel's, Boss J&B, Best friend Jose Cuervo, Absolut-ly my love and long lost friend Alize blue. Yes, I call them that and there are some more who are missing like: Mr. Johnny Walker and my pet Grey Goose. Of course there's Patron, Tequila Rose, Bailey's, Kettle One, etc.

My best friend, Jose. :)

I am hoping to be able to afford going out again without a super tight budget, you know, just enough for a coffee and a sandwich without me worrying about how much money I have left if I eat out.

So anyhoo, good vibes, good vibes. I think I'm better now than before. I'm taking small steps and so far, so good. I can do this!!!

3 comments on "I miss my Friday nights."

bambie on October 24, 2009 at 7:03 PM said...

awful talaga to not have extra to spare, noh? especially if your mahilig talaga in eating out once in a while. but think positive!☺

anyway, thanks for accepting the award. have a great weekend!☺

Vera on October 24, 2009 at 7:29 PM said...

Congratulations on the discipline to stay home until you overcome your budget constraints! :) darating din ang time when you'll have the financial freedom to go out whenever you want too

mike on October 25, 2009 at 2:21 AM said...

I had to laugh at the 'Friends with Jose' thing. We used to have a similar joke about 'The Captain', aka Captain Morgan


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