Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Oh and like Christ who resurrected from the dead, well, I am back from my 3-day vacation just not to save the sins of all mankind. Okay, I kid, I kid. The point is I am back! But am sad to say that I have not shot a single picture during my vacation. There is one, my breakfast during our stopover on our way to the province and that's it. No pictures of the beach, no pictures with my cousins, no pictures with my grandma, no nothing. Blame it on me being sick. Colds, itchy throat, headache and my body feels weak altogether. The weather's actually taking its toll on me already. I was quite proud the couple of weeks when I'm seeing my friends' status on Facebook that they're down with the flu and I'm not but take it from me to ruin a supposed relaxing vacation away from the city and end up sick instead. Great.

I will be catching up on a lot of things later on today as I've seen some new followers on board and new widgets on my Entrecard Drops Inbox. Welcome to my new visitors! Feel free to leave a comment anytime. As for my droppers and other blogging friends, I will be dropping by your blogs later. Can't wait!

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