Sunday, April 5, 2009

Friday Night Out!

I thought my day would be in one of its worst because my internet connection was down. Not totally but annoying enough cos it loads so slow. So I was a bit not in the mood during the early afternoon. Good thing though I was still able to log in to my Yahoo Messenger and  I was able to chat with some of my friends.

And so like planned earlier this week, some of my friends and I went out for a Wine Night and then to another "drinking" place and then to a club. Fun night!

with Inigs and Carlo at Barcino.

solo outside Barcino.

with Garri, Kirk and Roque the one trying to sit on my lap. haha!

Carlo and Inigo picked me up at home around 9 PM, drove off to Barcino in Ortigas, stayed there until 11 PM while waiting for Roque but since we're done with our bottle and he still hasn't arrived, we went over to Garri at Pivo and waited for Rox there. He and another friend of his arrived after a few minutes and then Carlo and Inigo went home cos they still have work early the next day. So it was just me, Garri, Rox and his friend Kirk and John left at Pivo. Drank a couple more drinks and just when I thought we were heading home, Rox drove off to Dolce in QC! Stayed there for an hour or so but Kirk and I went out for some air. The rave lights, smoke and crowd didn't really help my being tipsy. Rox and Kirk drove me home and I thank them for that! Big time!

I can't believe I actually had a super super fun night that night to think that I was pretty slammed up when I got home. I could barely climb up the stairs and I was not able to sleep! I got home around 5 AM, took a bath at 10 and then went out for lunch again with one of my high school best friend, watched a movie, ate again and then went home. I slept real early, 8:30 PM and woke up today at 9:30 AM. Nice! I finally slept STRAIGHT hours! That's quite an achievement for me cos as some of you know I it's either I find it hard to sleep or I get to sleep but wake up every 2 hours or so or both. I got a bad hangover yesterday though. Aside from not having the strength to go up the stairs, I could also barely stand up for more than 10 seconds therefore taking a shower sitting down, I threw up a lot of times and I just felt really weak which also makes it a miracle that I made it out of the house and then back home in one piece. :)

I wonder when's the next time we'll go out again. Probably after another year! Haha! Kidding. I'm looking forward for May though. Fiesta here I come! :) Would be 2 years in a row hopefully when this plan pushes through.

Okay, back to regular programming now: Adgitize, Entrecard, Facebook, Adgitize, Entrecard, Facebook, la la la la.

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