Monday, November 30, 2009


I know this post is nearly 4 days late for a Happy Thanksgiving greeting but either way, I still want to greet all my friends from the US (and all over the world), Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you and your loved ones had a very great one!

Although Thanksgiving isn't really big here in the Philippines, I would like to join in on the celebration and keep my mind straight on things I should be thankful for and should take time to appreciate every single day.

I am thankful...

... for the friends I still have. I realized who my "happy" friends are and who my true friends are.

... that even though I am having a hard time landing myself a job, I still have an online work that is as good as doing a 9-5 day job minus the hassle of transportation and clothing and it pays.

... for the smiles and laughs I have everyday no matter how limited they may be for me.

... for the hopes, dreams and goals I still have for the future even though there are more days that I feel down in the dumps worrying about how to achieve them, overwhelmed by the tasks I barely know how to do and should be able to accomplish in a limited time.

... my Mom is safe, healthy and happy in the US.

... I sill have something to look forward to.

... I still have some positivity left in me and as long as I keep my faith and hopes up, I will survive.

Thanksgiving Day may have ended over the weekends but it should not stop us from giving thanks for the blessings that make us happy no matter how small or big they are. :)

How was your Thanksgiving Celebration? I hope you had a fab time!

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