Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up (PBB)

I am not a huge fan of reality TV but I have watched and honestly enjoyed watching Big Brother since its First Season years ago. I may not be as fanatic as most are or watch it every single night until the announcement of the Big Winner but I do watch it every chance I get.

This season of PBB is different than the previous ones. Big Brother now has 2 houses and 2 sets of different housemates: House A and House B. House A is the public's favorite house because the housemates are more pleasing than House B. I personally DISLIKE housemates from the B house. They are too wild, too loud, too negative, too chaotic, too immature, and too annoying! So I was not at all pleased when Big Brother decided to swap the girls from House A and House B. Yuck! I heard there are talks from the online community that they'll save House A nominees during the voting period and eliminate House B completely. Has this rumor reached Big Brother that's why he did the switch? Nonetheless, I still think that rumor would push through no matter how many swaps Big Brother decides to do. Housemates B do not appeal to majority of its viewers. Say what you like to say about haters and hating but their attitudes are NOT GOOD especially if you see them back to back with Housemates A. Sure you can't please everybody, you don't care what everyone else thinks of you, you are just being yourself and you'll do whatever you like to do because it is your life but then this is just me giving my opinion.

I have nothing againsta Kuya (Big Brother) for making that decision, it's a game and he just wants to see how each housemates would get along with others. I'm just irritated with how those housemates act... they look troubled and so mean. They're different and not in a good interesting kind of way.


Anyway, this is like the first time in all of PBB seasons that I disliked housemates this much. Nothing personal though. I'm just basing it with all the things they have been doing on national TV. Hopefully, everything will return to normal back there. Not like, I'll be affected directly. :)

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