Monday, November 2, 2009

All Souls' Day.

November 2, All Souls' Day and I went earlier today to visit my Dad.

I miss him every single day.

I posted this video on my Facebook page and thought that I should also share it here with you guys. This is a very sweet, sad and timely video for this "occasion".

My Dad didn't allow me to ride a bike so I don't know how.

My Dad won't be able to walk me down the aisle when I get married.

And I wasn't there with him when he breathe his last breath.

But I cried watching this video. I cried for the times that did not happen and would not happen anymore.
I cried because I wasn't there to say "you can let go now, Daddy" but I think it was much okay that way because
I know I wouldn't have the strength to say it to him.
I cried because I'm still not okay. I cried because even though Daddy didn't teach me how to ride a bike, he taught
me how to carry myself. He may not be able to walk me down the aisle but he was there walking down the aisle with
me during my grade school and high school graduation and it broke my heart that he was 5 months gone before my college graduation.

My one frustration is that I didn't get to hug and kiss him one last time. That is what's breaking my heart until now.

I love you Daddy.

2 comments on "All Souls' Day."

Jade on November 3, 2009 at 5:27 PM said...

Hi Mara,

I know how hard it is to not be able to say and do things with the one you love. I lost my father too 7 years ago and I still regret that I never told him I love you.

Mara on November 4, 2009 at 11:45 AM said...

@Jade: Hi Ate Jade. I guess there's no getting over a loss of a parent, no? I regretted I didn't make it on time. :|


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