Thursday, March 19, 2009

iPod Classic or iPod Touch?

I have been wanting to buy myself a new iPod since last year but every time I start saving up for it something always comes up like my cell phone bill would soar up to an additional P500-1,500 for the month, or my laptop needs a sleeve, or when my calendar is initially clear my friends would start messaging me for a cup of coffee or a movie or just to grab a few drinks and before I knew it, my allotted budget for every night outs would exceed and what's left in my wallet would be P200 at most which kind of sucks because I've planned and tried to stick with my budget and I ended up not following it.

This time around I've come up with a more strict plan and budgeting for me to use until I get employed and/or until I save up enough money for a new iPod. Oh, just to clear things up maybe some of you would say that of all the things I could save up for with this kind of economy why the hell an iPod, okay I KNOW myself and there's a huge probability that I won't even BUY an iPod even though I get to save enough for it. Seriously. Most of the time, I save up for something and when the money's in my hands I just can't spend it cos I know there's more things I could make use of the money. So, don't worry guys. I'm not one of those who just spends and spends without ACTUALLY thinking about it for at least a hundred times. :) Cos when I start to save up for something, I end up saving for MORE.

Enough with the blabbing, help me guys. iPod Classic or iPod touch? I practically have made a decision but I just want to hear out others' opinions.

iPod Classic
30,ooo songs
150 hours of video

iPod Touch

7,000 songs
40 hours of video

I've decided to go with the Classic, btw. With all the pros and cons. :) As much as the touch screen and Wi-Fi are appealing, it's just not practical for me to spend more on a product that is less useful for it's features. Plus, my Blackberry has Wi-Fi already so spending on another gadget that has the same feature is not worth it. iPod Classic has 120GB of memory while iPod touch has 32GB at most. Meaning I could store way more with the Classic than the Touch. Hmmm.

Whatya think? :)


My current iPod is the First Gen Nano with 2BG memory, my iTunes is now at 5.94GB with 2GB Audiobooks and a lot more videos/movies. Hence, I need the one with the most memory.
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4 comments on "iPod Classic or iPod Touch?"

Lateralus on March 20, 2009 at 9:21 AM said...

None of the above,Apple products should be banned! LOL. Creative all the way.

Vlad on March 22, 2009 at 12:37 PM said...

If I have money on hand, I will choose iPod Touch. I like its touch screen features.

I hope I can have spare cash to spend for this cool gadget

ian on March 23, 2009 at 12:11 AM said...

mmm i think the parts in this blog post where you shared your prudence in spending and saving made more sense =]

rather than think on how to spend your hard-earned savings, i say place your money in a time deposit, forget about it in the mean time, just let it grow for now =]

then you'd have more dough to pay for what the more important things in life beyond the here and now =] especially now that the economy is down and you are still jobhunting =]

i know those pro-stimulus package guys will hate me for being tight-fisted with regard to money but then again you can never tell when the economy will improve...

good luck =]

Mara on March 25, 2009 at 6:24 PM said...

IAN P.: Nooooo! I love Apple products. Well, their laptops and ipods that is. :) I miss you Ian!! :P

VLAD: Yeah, cool features but then again......I don't know. Memory's too small for me and I have my Blackberry for my calendar, mail, and other stuff.

IAN: I know what you mean. I'm also saving up actually to open a secret (from my mom) personal account. Will update as soon as I have one already. Been planning it for a while now. Thanks!


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