Saturday, September 26, 2009

Typhoon, typhoon please go away.

It has been raining nonstop here in Manila since late last night. PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration) already announced as early as Thursday night that the country is expecting a typhoon to hit today, Saturday. That should have been enough warning and pre-caution but it wasn't. Since the rain started to pour down last night it hasn't stopped. I guess most of us expected it to be just the "typical" typhoon that has been hitting us for years; flooded areas several places like in Espana, Taft, landslides in the provinces, traffic, people being stranded in their workplace, school and even in their own homes and not to mention flood entering houses. Nobody, not even the PAGASA and local governments anticipated and prepared for a typhoon as strong as this one, Ondoy, it has been said that today's nonstop rain can be amounted to a 30-day rainy day period.

I'm personally used to this kind of weather and news of stranded people being rescued, evacuated, schools being suspended in mid-day, and then the post typhoon donations for food, clothing and what have you. It happens every time the rain pours down hard and nonstop even without typhoons. Manila would be affected, floods and all but not as close to how the rain affects people in the provinces. Today however, is way lot different than the other hard rainy days and typhoons that have passed, today I actually felt scared and worried and sad.
Today, Manila actually suffered more. Greater parts of Manila almost sunk in to the flood; Marikina, Makati, Quezon City, Cainta, Mandaluyong, Taft, Paranaque, Pasig, Metro Manila. People's houses were also flooded, everyone evacuated to their second floors, third floors and some unlucky ones went up to their roofs! Cars were left stranded on the streets almost floating. Flood depth varies from knee-high, waist-high, chest-high and even neck-high.

These people are not just random Filipinos, some are my friends and some are even celebrities. All of my friends are Tweeting and Facebook-ing about it which makes the emotion feel a lot serious.
Everyone are posting Emergency Numbers of rescuers such as Red Cross, NDCC, NCRPO, Bureau of Fire and Protection, television network ABS-CBN, there are also Senators such as Sen. Villar, Sen. Roxas, Sen. Aquino who put up a hotline for donations for rubber boats to be used for rescuing, clothes, food, etc. Everyone is scared and worried and wants to extend help to those in need but the most that we (the safe and dry people) could do is collect and donate and pray for them. There are already people who died, people still missing and people still on top of their roofs waiting to be rescued and it's already dark and cold.

Celebrities, Politicians, TV reporters and even my personal friends that I am following on Twitter are all very active today updating phone numbers and hotlines to call, news about the rescue operation, details on where the evacuation centers would be and asking everyone to please, please pray for these people and the rescuers for their safety.

For visuals, here are some flood photos I have gathered from friends:

Asia Pacific College


Ayala Underpass




Yes, this thing is actually happening. Cars drown too. People can swim even on highways. Water can enter the first level of your house and you're lucky if you have a second floor to "evacuate" to. Unbelievable but true. I hope this calamity serves as an eye-opener and a lesson learned to all of us. Global warming and climate change, we may not be able to completely stop it but we can surely do something to prevent it from totally ruining our lives and our planet. Recycle. Do not and I repeat, do NOT throw trash anywhere but the trash cans. Candy wrappers and cigarette butts count as actual trash. Please avoid using plastic. Plastic grocery bags, plastic straws, etc. We can do something other than to wait for a miracle from God and blaming everything on the government. Let us do our duties as citizens of the EARTH. Please.

Here are some Tweets of concerned and very worried Filipinos, from celebrities to ordinary people, everyone IS worried:


Julius Babao: PGMA now in Marikina supervising rescue operations.
: RT @joevtan: Pls rescue: koy banal holding on to a tree (per his wife Minel) near entrance to Golden Meadows Subd along Marcos Hwy.
: Gibo Teodoro appeals 4 understanding. Rescuers are having a hard time penetrating affected areas in Marikina, Pasig, Cainta, and others.

Sassy Torrijos: Send SMS of full address of those who are stranded to RED CROSS: 0917-899-7898 and 0938-442697. Please spread.

Mariel Rodriguez: I'm sad because so many people are affected because of this bad weather!!! I wish there was something more we can do.for now...prayers!

Sen. Aquino: People are calling Clare and Jana to be rescued. Please call Red Cross 143, MMDA 136, NDCC 9115061 & Coast Guard 5276136 for rescue.

Maita Baello:
Help people in Provident already! My heart is breakingggg.

KC Concepcion: ang bigaaaaaat ng puso ko dahil jan sa ONDOY na yan!! stranded in Singapore, didn't get to fly out to Manila. watching TV PATROL on TFC now.

I hope, as I am sure others do, that tomorrow would be a much better day for everyone. Hopefully no more downpour so that the evacuees and the rescuers would have a more safer time to cope up and others who are still stuck can be rescued too and those who are still missing can be found. I feel bad but I admit this is the first time that I actually felt this worried about other people and I want to help them in any way.

Right now all I can do is to donate to Red Cross through SMS and pray for these families and individuals who are terribly affected and are suffering because of today's situation. Several provinces, including Manila has been declared under the State of Calamity. It is that serious a problem. So please, please, include not just the victims but the entire country in your prayers. If you want to donate anything at all just call the hotlines or ask me.

I will keep you guys updated tomorrow. Time for me to go to bed. I feel sick, like I am going to catch the cold and flu again.

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Maria @ Conversations with Moms on September 28, 2009 at 11:08 PM said...

Those are terrible photos. I hope it stops raining soon. Be careful and take care of yourself.


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