Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How can people be so mean?

My Twitter and Facebook feeds are still mostly about donations, relief operations and other related updates regarding the Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy). Everybody is made aware of the situation and how each one of us can help. Everybody is showing concern, care and love towards others. Everybody is helping and reaching out. So it is utterly heartbreaking to be a concerned Filipino citizen who has been badly affected by a typhoon that other people would be posting Facebook statuses and Twitter messages belittling our country and telling the world wide web how we, Filipinos deserve this tragedy and that they hope it would rain more and drown us all to death.

For my fellow Filipino readers and visitors, you may have already read about Jacque Bermejo and her "controversial" Facebook status that circulated our news feed. If it haven't reached your attention, her message goes like this:

"buti n lng m hir n dubai!maybe so many sinners bak der!so yeah deserving wat hapend!"

Conveniently, this person has claimed that her Facebook account was hacked and it wasn't her who posted the message. Yeah. Right.

It's bad enough that a Filipina who is in Dubai wished us bad, but then there are 2 others who are posting derogatory remarks about the Philippines and they are not even from here! Maybe they want to be "known" or they simply just want to "voice out" their opinions but I think it is very rude, cruel, racist and plain evil to be posting such things on the world wide web about a country who is isuffering from a terrible calamity. Sure there is freedom of speech. Sure we are allowed our own opinions. But really? To post it on Twitter? And to repeat the same message a number of times? I can't stomach re-posting her Tweets on my beautiful blog so I'll just leave the reading to you guys.

Sneak peak:

"Rain rain don't go away, keep pouring till you wash the poor filipino monkeys away :-D"
Now you're choking and suffocating like a 3rd world monkey fool! Now the world's a better place, minus a 3rd world filipino like u ;-)"


It may be a fake account of some Korean "celebrity" but it certainly is still a "person" who are looking down at us.

There is also another one who posted:

"Who cares about the Philippines!"

Apparently, her account OfficialDeLayna is not existing anymore.

Now, some of you might disagree with me but my point is if you don't have anything nice and helpful to say then don't just say anything. It goes with everything in life I guess. I am not completely affected about these things but it's amusing how some people can be so downright mean and laugh AT people who are suffering. Oh well, that's their lives anyway. Maybe they find their own little happiness by doing that and it helps "boost" their self-esteem or something. I am a believer of Karma. So yes. Karma will take care of them. They may or may not have meant what they said, it's their conscience.

On a much lighter and very helpful note, I will be out tomorrow to go grocery shopping and drop off donations for the typhoon victims. I'm thinking of toiletries and gallons of water. I don't have any used clothes to donate since I regularly give away my old clothes and there are already a lot of people donating canned goods and instant noodles that they are forgetting other necessities such as medicines, vitamins, water, sanitary napkins, alcohol, toilet paper, etc. I am also counting on my friend to accompany me for the day or the afternoon. I'm waiting for her reply. But whether she reply or not, my donations will be dropped off tomorrow. That's a promise that I made for myself. No more delays. If I have a volunteer group to go with, I might go help re-packing the goods and maybe help out in the distributing too. I really want to make good use of my very abundant spare time.

Speaking of volunteering, classes are suspended until Saturday in ALL levels in the affected areas (NCR, region 4-a), classes will resume on Monday, October 5.

I hope everyone will take part in volunteering and spreading out details. :)

For my international friends, there are details posted in my earlier post below on how you could donate.

Thank you a lot!

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