Thursday, September 24, 2009

Take a look at my looks in Looklet.

I have found another fun past time while going about the tweets of some adorable local celebrities that I am following on Twitter. (click HERE to follow me) I know myself, I don't really follow what's hip and trendy right away especially when:

1. I don't feel comfortable with it,

2. it's not within the range of my interests,

3. and everybody's on it already.

Most of the time, I let the hype subside or other times I don't go with the flow.. at all.

Now, this fun past time that I am talking about has nothing to do with blogging or Facebook games (which both by the way mostly eats up my day). It also doesn't include my usual favorite things or routines to do in my everyday life (well, not really).

I am talking about... Looklet. I am not sure if you guys are familiar with it or already has an account there. If I am the first one to introduce it to you then let me share a little about what and what-not Looklet is about . If you are a person who:

1. loves fashion,

2. enjoys "mix and match"-ing clothes, shoes and accessories,

3. spends time getting dressed wanting to look good,

4. grew up with Barbie dolls or any dolls that need dressing up for that matter,

5. dreams of becoming a fashion designer or be in anything fashion-related,

6. drools over clothes, shoes and accessories,

7. wants to own a closet full of the above mentioned

8. practice dressing up for occasions, and most importantly

9. wouldn't mind creating looks, choosing from a lot of clothes, bags, etc that is not going to end up in your own closet afterwards...

then Looklet might be interesting and enjoyable to you.

If you are:

1. looking for extra income,

2. wants freebies, and

3. easily distracted

I wouldn't recommend Looklet to you.

The site is free to join. You wouldn't be earning money from the designs or the "looks" that you make. You would however, have a fabulous time going through a very wide variety of clothes, bags, shoes, and other accessories and would be very motivated to work hard, earn big and then buy those fancy clothing there is. Kidding. Well, half-kidding. ;) The looks you can create over at Looklet can be an image of you or something you would want to wear but is not advisable given the climate in your country (that's me).

The looks that I created are still ME. MY own style, they just have the clothes. I am still practicing creating something more "visionary", a certain style that is not all me, something new but still has a bit of Mara in it. Oh, so fun.

Here are my favorite looks that I created since I first joined Looklet 2 days ago:

Look Name: Fab Working Outfit.

Look Name: Bootleg.

I think I found my other "calling" in life! Ooh. I thought of doing RTW (ready-to-wear) business in the future months ago but I still need to save up for a capital so I really have no choice but to get a temporary real life day job and earn a decent amount for a business start up capital.

Anyway, for more of MaraDG's looks and styles, you can go over at Looklet and search for MaraDG or better yet just click HERE. Now, now, now, I only have 5 looks created and believe me it was not that easy to style one model at a time with all the clothes available. How I wish I have a closet like that. Hate me for being such a girl but a girl can dream, right? And we better dream BIG. If by any chance you like one or all of my creations then you can "like" it by clicking the heart.

I spent almost an hour in each model. It is addicting and for me who spends her time in the internet for extra income, that addiction is not really good so I am cutting down on the hours and just create looks after my "work" here in the blogging industry is done. Yes, I just called blogging an "industry".

So, if you want to relax and have a distraction like no other then come and try Looklet. It's the next best thing to window- shopping without the walking around and unexpected expenses.

3 comments on "Take a look at my looks in Looklet."

spinninglovelydays on September 24, 2009 at 11:14 PM said...

Is this like Polyvore? I'm not really into fashion, but I write and sometimes get inspiration from outfits I see, lol.

Maria @ Conversations with Moms on September 26, 2009 at 11:44 PM said...

Great choices for outfits. I've never heard of Looklet but I'm not a very creative person. Maybe this software can help me with that.

fedhz on October 1, 2009 at 5:52 AM said...

wow, kakatuwa! I'm trying it now. parang naglalaro lang ng paper dolls. hehehe


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