Monday, February 23, 2009

Red Wine and an unexpected call.

I'm having my usual day of just staying in my room in front of my laptop with the lights off while watching/waiting for my downloads to finish/and playing poker on Facebook, the only different thing is I'm having a glass of wine tonight---okay, my SECOND glass when my Mom entered my room and handed me the wireless phone. She didn't even had the chance to answer my question: "Who is it?" (cos I don't normally get phone calls on the landline) I reached out for the phone and said my "hello". It was a guy's voice. He doesn't sound like any of my friends and he immediately called me in my complete name so that's a give away that I don't personally know him.

The "conversation" went something like this:

Me: Hello?
Guy: Hi, is this -my complete name-?
M: Yes, who's this?
G: -someone someone- (I didn't catch his name!) from -company- and I just read your CV for the -position-. You're still interested, right?
M: Yes, yes.
G: So, basically I will be conducting a phone interview right now. Would that be okay with you?
M: Okay, sure!

Wait, I would LOVE to share the whole conversation to everyone but I can't. It's still in my head but I can't type it. Hahaha! Wine's kicking already. But to cut the not-so-long story short, I had my very first phone interview while I'm having a drink alone in my room playing poker on Facebook. He asked me a few personal questions like what my hobbies are, if I have any vices, what my preferred working hours are, do I love to go out (this question seem a little a weird but he did ask me "Do you like to go out?" and I'm not sure what he meant), etc. etc. I'm not assuming nor exaggerating when I say this but it was a FUN phone interview. Like we're friends or something. :) I was caught off-guard, I'm totally unprepared for it but I found myself answering his questions and talking naturally. No stuttering, no mental block of any sort. We even laughed and sort of "joked" around. And man does he have a handsome voice! So blah blah blah, I'm going to have another interview tomorrow at 1PM. Unfortunately, it won't be with Mr. Handsome Voice, he gave me the name of the person to look for. Wish me luck on this one. This is nothing big but I would like to start working soon! And oh, if ever I get the job I'll start on the 28th. Remember my "to-do"? Have a job before February ends? Coolio! :) I hope this is it. If not, then okay, I hope this is it! LOL!

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Bill on February 24, 2009 at 4:57 AM said...

Wow i hope you get the job my friend. it also sounds like you have a crush on Mr. handsome voice. hahhhaaha. It sounds like you had a interesting evening red wine and poker hmmmmmm.


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