Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quick Update!

This will be very quick but not necessarily short entry because I am in the middle of watching Criminal Minds and I just dropped by my blog to see how everyone's been doing or if there are any messages or comments left for me.

In order to keep this as short and as quick as possible, I will be posting in a bulleted/numbered form:

1. Regarding my job interview yesterday: It went good. I came in 30 minutes early and got interviewed 10 minutes past my scheduled time. Now, don't get me started on how long and how the interview went but I stayed in the room for more than 30 minutes. I didn't find any question hard to answer which was a relief for me! After the interview I transferred to an exam room and well, obviously took a 3-part exam: spelling, problem solving and record entry via audio. When I was done with the exam I was asked to wait in the reception area for the result and after a couple of minutes I was approached by the same person who interviewed me and said I passed and she made me fill up an employment application form and told me to wait for my final interview. So, I was done with the form and I waited for not more than 30 minutes and she came up to me again, got my form and told me to just wait for their call tomorrow (which is today) for the job offer. No final interview for me! :) I'm still not sure about this though but it will be a good thing for me if I take this job besides, it will only be for about 3-6 months the most. Just something to keep me going than basically being stagnant at home PLUS I would have a salary. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Oh and if I accept whatever offer they have I will start working on March 1---this coming Monday!

2. I haven't been religiously visiting all of the blogs that I used to visit all the time and I am so sorry! I only get to visit and read some blogs at least once a week compared to almost everyday before. I think that's why I've been getting low number of visits, less comments and few messages unlike the past months. It is seriously making me sad but I know it's my fault cos I haven't been that active here anymore. My followers reduced from 13 to 8 and I feel bad. I am so so so sorry if you feel like I've been ignoring any of you or anything like that. It's just that there are days that even when you see me online of Facebook it doesn't mean that I'm on my blog or that I'm ACTUALLY active online, most days I just feel like lying down and staring blankly out and I am not in the mood to type or tell stories when in truth there are a lot of things in my mind that I would love to share and I'm just not in the mood to communicate with anyone. I am so sorry!

3. After typing number 2 I suddenly felt like crying. This is one of those days when I just feel down in the dumps for no reason (or rather EVERY reason) at all. Like I should be glad that I would get a job but then when I think about it it kind of makes me depressed and makes me want to crawl into bed. I don't know anymore!

4 comments on "Quick Update!"

Ranran on February 25, 2009 at 5:22 PM said...

hey, mara!

almost everyone is experiencing the sudden decrease of followers. blame it on Blogger.

fedhz on February 25, 2009 at 11:09 PM said...

Congrats, girl! I forgot the feeling of being interviewed and all that mixed emotions. ^^

miss yah!

baka hormones lang yan. ako rin before lagi akong "down in the dumps"... maybe you need some lovin! hehe

Bill on February 26, 2009 at 4:05 AM said...

I know you will get the job dear friend because for the short time i have known you i can tell you are a sweet and caring person. If you ever feel like talking just stop by my site or drop me a line i have big ears and enjoy listening. Take care

Lateralus on February 26, 2009 at 12:11 PM said...

I feel so neglected, lol. Just kidding. You should see the new Grafix I have been making on my blog.


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