Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tonight Is Sports Night

For someone who is not as athletic as myself, I'm surprised why I even follow sporting events especially tennis and football. Seriously. I don't even have a sport that I play except for the occasional Wii Sports and the old-school Dance Dance Revolution which I doubt are considered as the real sporty thing.

Anyhow, tonight is a jam-packed night of sporting events: LA Galaxy vs. PH Azkals; Arsenal vs. Wigan; and Nalbandian/Schwank vs. Verdasco/Lopez, and I made sure that I finish work before football and tennis begin. I almost did it but not quite, I had to finish an article all throughout the LA Galaxy vs. PH Azkals match. Still glad it didn't take me until the Davis Cup to finish or else my concentration would be everywhere.

It blows though that Arsenal vs. Wigan and the Davis Cup Doubles are on at the same time, 11PM Manila Time. On the upside, Arsenal is shown at Star Sports (miraculously!), so I can still get to stream Davis Cup. Yey!

Ooooh, by the way, here's a sweet photo of David Beckham handing Manny Pacquiao his jersey at the match earlier:

photo from: ANC Alerts Twitter

Needless to say, LA Galaxy won over the PH Azkals with 6 goals to 1. It was a good first half though for the Philippines.

So okay, I have one eye on the TV for the Arsenal vs. Wigan and one eye on my laptop for the Davis Cup.

Who says non-sporty girls can't watch and enjoy sports? :)

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