Monday, December 5, 2011

Music Monday: Coldplay - Paradise

From Coldplay's latest album, Mylo Xyloto, this song has this relaxing and soothing vibe to it which aside from the artist makes me love this song even more.

It makes me imagine myself in a more less-stressful place. :)

I love Coldplay. I love their music. I love their songs. And now, I love Paradise even more because it was played during the Championship ceremony at the recently concluded ATP World Tour Finals™ when the 6 time ATP champion, Roger Federer, was being awarded his championship trophy. <3

"This could be para-para-paradise
This could be para-para-paradise
Oh oh oh oh oh oh-oh-oh"

Now, every time I hear Paradise, I see Roger lifting his huge trophy up.

photo from: Roger Federer's Facebook

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