Sunday, December 13, 2009

What do you think of having 2 jobs?

So, okay I have not really been active at all during the past week and I terribly missed blogging! For real! It's like I have this list of new topics to write but then again at the end of the day I already feel too tired and too exhausted to work my brain out. It's not a writer's block but it's a little similar to that.

I am not sure if I have already shared with you that I landed a home-based job last November. It takes most hours of my day doing my tasks that I already feel drained during the night. It's already feels like a real job to me because I get paid monthly with a reasonable enough salary for 8 hours of work every weekday except that I can accomplish those tasks at the comfort of my own home or wherever I please. I enjoy doing this and I feel a whole lot comfortable than going through the hassle of everyday traffic, meal expenses, etc. but there's just one thing... I cannot exactly count it as employment and I have specific goals to attain within next year. That is why I decided to go out and apply for a second job... and I got hired!

Now, I feel like I am going to be completely drained out to be able to handle all my online activities but I will do my best to figure things out. I will go back to advertising my blogs again probably on January of 2010. Can you guys believe it's already 2010 in a few weeks time? I can't. It feels like 2009 just passed me by. Sure I have had lots of fun activities during the summer but in general, I cannot think of any significant thing that happened to me except that I got a job last November, I get to hang out with friends and that I got hired for a second job this month. But I guess this is a rather good way to end 2009 and welcome 2010, don't you think? I am set to having a real "work experience" to put into my CV other than my 2 student training (practicum/OJT) by next year. My friends think I would not last a year. One even gave me 2 months before I quit and the other one said 3 months but is hoping for a year. Okay, I'm motivated. I will go for at least 6 months. ;) That is when the one I am really expecting for next year won't happen earlier or else I would leave the second job in less than 6 months ( just the second job).

I am expecting things to go the way I want and will do what I have to achieve those things. Thanks to friends of mine who helped me get my shiz straight. :D

Two jobs! Whatcha think?

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fedhz on December 15, 2009 at 5:20 AM said...

How about 5 jobs? The boyfriend has 5 jobs. Me? Um.. let me count, being a mom, housemaker, blogger, data encoder... that's a whole lot. And yup, I get too tired to be doing all these things. But I make time to blog. wahaha! I will die if not.

And yeah, I've missed you (in adgitize) hihi. hopefully see you in a couple of days since it'll be january soon. yikes! so fast so fast.

well, at least we won't be squeezing our heads off mylot just to earn a dollar a day. LOL remember the days. I still go there sometimes.. you?


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