Friday, September 24, 2010

Get ready to be struck by Thunder!

I think it's amazing how blogging is rapidly becoming a tool for advertising, marketing, socializing or just simply sharing your writing skills about your choice of topics or niche. Every day we stumble upon new blogs born out of love of something, some we find interesting, some so-so, and some really promising.

I used to blog and blog hop every single day for the past years, I have had my share of visiting blogs and reading blog posts with content written just for the sake of being able to write something. I'm not judging any of those blogs, maybe some of them really are just for personal collection of their daily routines in life and maybe they just got too old for me. I need something new, funky, and has the local and foreign touch all in one. Don't we all want that? And although it may not be obvious with my older blog posts, I am actually a fan of fashion. I make my eyes pop and let myself drool over celebrity style blogs like  Who|What|Wear and now an addition to my daily routine of blog hopping: Steal Her Thunder.

Steal Her Thunder is a fashion/style blog by Maita Baello and Sacha Carlos. Yes, I personally know them so don't judge me with my shameless plugging of their new baby. *wink*

Their blog is not an ordinary one, you can read their opinions and suggestions in a "professional" but still hip way of writing. They have what they call "Thunder Watch" where they "show and tell what your favorite stars are wearing". From make-ups, clothes, shoes and other accessories, Steal Her Thunder has it all.

So get ready to be struck by thunder and steal those celebrities style by visiting Steal Her Thunder!

1 comments on "Get ready to be struck by Thunder!"

Grandy on September 27, 2010 at 10:52 AM said...

Not as much into fashion myself, but do like your blog when I get to hop on. :)


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