Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Current Addiction.

I got so depressed yesterday when I went to Megamall to pick up my Peking Duck at Maxim's well, not because of the Duck but because of the gym that I passed by BEFORE Maxim's. I've been thinking about going to the gym since summer but I didn't actually thought of really going and yesterday, I paid half of the amount already and just when I stepped out of the gym I regretted my decision mainly because I don't have gym outfits and it'll destroy my budget for Christmas with all the monthly bills that I'm paying and to think that I am UNEMPLOYED at the moment.

So, that's how my current addiction (as of yesterday) started. I was thinking of ways to earn some money to add up for my monthly gym fees, DSL bill and Globe bill without spending all of my allowance  cos I'm actually shy to ask my older brother for an increase and I'm already a college graduate so I have to budget my allowance and find ways to earn extra while waiting for my final job interview. 

I am already a member of a paid to post community which pays you $.02-$.05 or even higher for every quality post you make, discussions you start or responses/comments posted. If you want to sign-up feel free to click here: MYLOT. If you have questions, leave a comment below.
I've been a member of that community for more than a year now. If you want to join, leave a comment below and I'll discuss my cash incentives for you.

But that's not all, I've also signed up for CIAO last night and I'm currently addicted to it. All you have to do is write reviews for products, movies, tv series and almost anything that sells, and you get paid for it. 

I have to go do some more typing and see where this goes!


2 comments on "My Current Addiction."

...and they call me Daryl on October 28, 2008 at 10:27 PM said...

text me, im abut to become jobless as well! haha :D

Mara on November 3, 2008 at 11:02 PM said...

hahaha! whatever! :p


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